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Jun 18, 2024

MetalCore Announces Closed Beta 3.0 Updates Ahead of Launch

Session-based PvP scenarios, a new map zone and vehicle loadouts are some of the new updates the MetalCore community can look forward to in the upcoming Closed Beta 3.0 launch.
MetalCore Announces Closed Beta 3.0 Updates Ahead of Launch

Studio 369 has announced some of the updates planned to be included in Closed Beta 3.0 of Web3 PvPvE sci-fi shooter, MetalCore.

What’s New in the Upcoming Release?

While an official launch date for the “most game-changing release yet” is not available at the time of writing, the developers have already shared a sneak peek of some of the updates they want to include in order to create a better blockchain gaming experience.

Session-based PvP Scenarios

Specifically, the patch notes reveal that one of the new features on the way is session-based PvP scenarios. This means that instead of just fighting players from opposing factions in the available open world maps through the existing Domination/King of the Hill mode or by chance encounters while doing PvE missions, there will now also be fast-paced sessions you can hop into for some quick PvP action across a variety of new game modes. 

The modes that will be available in this new gameplay will include Capture the Flag, Domination and High Value Target. Details on map size, team size and number of teams per session don’t seem to have been mentioned yet, but given that the update post states that players will compete within a “limited timeframe or objective,” we can probably expect to play in smaller-designed maps with at least 2 small-ish teams, the kind of gameplay typically seen in traditional multiplayer FPS titles. This will give players more ways to enjoy the play-to-earn title for when they’re not up for the longer territorial warfare and vehicular combat that comes with the large open worlds you can deploy to in this play-and-earn game.

New Open-World Changes

This doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new for open-world gameplay though. On the contrary, a new faction-war centric PvE mission is on its way, alongside what is referred to as “ambient world conflict.”  It’s not exactly stated what this means, but the notes do mention that faction members will get to work together to complete various objectives. The existing solo-based PvE missions are getting a shake up, as one of the new updates will make PvE missions more suitable for each faction, so players will get to complete missions that are tailored for the faction they’re in to add some level of immersion to the contracts you’re doing.

Social Hubs

To encourage players of different factions to socialize in-game more often instead of always blowing each other up, the team is introducing faction-based social hubs, which are said to be dedicated in-game areas in the war-ravaged world in which players from various factions can hop into and hangout, while probably plotting new ways to destroy each other. The official post mentions engaging in “social activities,” which might mean that there will be social-based events to attend, or the developers are simply referring to just regular chatting after an intense day of mech battles.

Vehicle Loadouts & New Map Zone: Starslope Station

Speaking of mechs, say hello to vehicle loadouts, a new customization feature where you can adjust loadouts for each vehicle to make them more suitable to the playstyle you want. This will likely come in handy not just for existing maps, but also for the upcoming new map zone: Starslope Station. This was once a “humble port town” now turned into an important strategic area that the 3 factions are constantly fighting over in an effort to secure the Control Tower. Aside from the above image, not much else has been revealed of the new zone so far.

New Leaderboard System & Performance Improvements

To deliver a better play-to-earn experience, a new leaderboard-reward system is being introduced to reward skillful players a share of an undisclosed reward pool, attempting to rank higher to earn a bigger piece. More details on this will likely be revealed closer to the start of Closed Beta 3.0.

Next to all these significant new features, the first/third-person shooter continues to receive stability and performance improvements that are now said to include more bug fixes and optimizations that allow for smoother gameplay, but also lower crashes or freezes. Overall, players may end up seeing more consistent frame rates than in previous playtests, while also enjoying upgraded world-related sound effects that make your adventures in these war-torn environments feel “more advanced, powerful, and cooler.”

That’s about it for now! These are listed as the “key updates and features” you can look forward to in the next beta release. If you haven’t played in previous testing sessions and would like to participate in this one, simply pre-register on the game’s official website so that you have a chance of receiving a code to redeem on the Epic Games Store.

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