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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jul 8, 2024

Meet Fantasy Top: The SocialFi Web3 Game Taking Twitter by Storm

Fantasy Top is a new fantasy card game that has captivated the Twitterverse. Instead of sports stars, it features Web3 influencers, or Heroes, whose social media engagement drives the game's point system. Players collect NFT Hero cards and enter them into tournaments to win prizes.
Meet Fantasy Top: The SocialFi Web3 Game Taking Twitter by Storm

What is Fantasy Top?

Fantasy Top is a thrilling new fantasy card game that has captured the attention of crypto Twitter. Instead of sports stars, this game features Web3 influencers, referred to as Heroes. Players collect decks of five Hero cards and enter them into tournaments to win prizes based on their Heroes' performance on X (Twitter). 

Launched on May 1, 2024, Fantasy Top operates on Blast, a Layer-2 network built on Ethereum. The game is now in public beta, providing an early glimpse into its full potential. 

How to Earn Points?

Unlike classic fantasy sports that rely on real-world sports performance, Fantasy Top awards points based on Heroes' engagement on X. The algorithm, kept secret to prevent bot manipulation, rewards high engagement and views. This means even accounts with fewer followers can compete effectively. Players need to collect Hero cards that consistently score high points to excel.

Every Hero Card is an NFT

Each Hero card in Fantasy Top is an NFT, giving players true ownership of their cards. Players can buy these cards on the secondary market or purchase packs containing random cards. At first, there were 123 Heroes, with more added regularly. Each has different print runs, from as few as 50 to as many as 10,000 copies, making some cards more valuable than others.

Card Attributes and Rarity

Hero cards have two main attributes: stars and rarity. Stars, ranging from 2 to 7, are updated weekly based on the Hero's performance on X. While stars don't affect gameplay, they indicate the card's potential. Rarity levels include Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each with a multiplier affecting the points earned in tournaments. Here are the multipliers:

  • Common: 1x
  • Rare: 1.5x
  • Epic: 2x
  • Legendary: 2.5x

How to Get Rarer Cards? 

Players can enhance their cards' rarity by burning five cards of a lower rarity. This gives a high chance of upgrading the card, with a small chance of skipping levels. 

  • Burning 5 common cards gives you a 98.9% chance to upgrade to rare. But there's also a 1% chance to instantly get an epic, or even a 0.01% for a legendary. 
  • When you burn 5 rare cards, you have a 99% chance for an epic card, and a 1% chance for a legendary one. 
  • Burning 5 epic cards always gives you a legendary card. 

Heroes and Main Tournaments

Heroes can apply to be included in Fantasy Top, with the team deciding who makes the cut. Heroes benefit from being in the game through royalties from card trades and a share of pack sales revenue.

Fantasy Top offers various tournament types, such as open tournaments and those limited to specific card rarities or follower counts. Players compete in five leagues, starting from Bronze and moving up based on performance, with rewards increasing in higher leagues.

New Game Mode: Tactics

On June 19, 2024, Fantasy Top introduced Tactics, a new game mode inspired by DraftKings. Tactics allows players to take part daily without owning Hero cards. Instead, they purchase a Tactic ticket for $19.99 and select 5 Heroes from a randomly chosen list. Players can enter multiple times, and the first Tactics game saw 3,432 slots filled with a $60,085 prize pool. This mode offers a strategic social betting experience with daily games and juicy returns. 

Fantasy Season 1 Kick-Off

Fantasy Season 1 began on July 4th, marking the end of the Genesis Season. This season brings new updates and features for the Main tournament and Tactics mode.

Updates to Main Tournament

The Main Competition now has a 44 ETH prize pool, along with card rewards, FAN points, and Stars. This competition runs until the end of Q3, with more rewards and intense gameplay. The next Main Competition starts on July 8th, featuring a capped league to ensure a level playing field. 


Tactics Mode Improvements

Tactics mode has been updated to offer the most accessible prize payout ever. You just need to be one of the top 1,510 players to be in the money. The new season includes bonus Tactic tickets and better rewards, aiming to attract casual players. Tactics will distribute 100% of its net revenues back to players, split evenly between Main Competition rewards and Free Tactic Tickets. 


Product Updates

Fantasy Top is also moving from beta to a mobile-first V1, improving user experience. The mobile app will provide a smoother, more intuitive interface, making it easier for players to engage with the game.

How to Get Started?

  1. Sign In: Use your Twitter account to sign in. An on-chain wallet will be set up for you. To start playing, you must first deposit some ETH into your wallet (on the Blast Network).
  2. Collect: Acquire cards from the marketplace, shop, or tournaments.
  3. Compete: Register your decks in tournaments (for Main competitions) or purchase Tactic tickets to place your bets. 
  4. Earn: Win rewards, including cards, ETH, Blast Gold, FAN points, and Stars.

Buying Cards

Players can purchase cards in the game's marketplace or shop. The marketplace allows for trading with features like bids and listings, while the shop sells packs using a dynamic auction mechanism (VRGDA) that adjusts prices based on demand.

Earning Rewards

Fantasy Top offers various rewards, such as card packs, ETH, Blast Gold, FAN points, and Stars. Players can earn them through competitions, lotteries, and quests. Blast Gold is given out to anyone who takes part in the Blast ecosystem. FAN points, on the other hand, will allow users to vote on who they would like the new heroes to be. There are also speculations that FAN points may lead to a token airdrop, although this has not been confirmed yet. Fantasy Stars is a soft currency that allows players to enter the weekly lottery. 

Quests and IRL Benefits for Heroes

What's more, daily quests offer players extra rewards like FAN points and card packs. Apart from that, Heroes earn a share of trading volume fees, pack sales revenues, Blast Gold, and FAN points. They also receive free editions of their cards that can be given out to fans.

No doubt, Fantasy Top is reshaping the fantasy sports genre by merging social media engagement with blockchain tech. With its lower barrier to entry and rewarding ecosystem, Fantasy Top offers a unique and engaging experience. As the game grows, it promises to deliver even more excitement for both casual players and hardcore bettors.

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