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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jan 11, 2023

WarQube Genesis Mint Starts on January 12th

WarQube genesis mint starts on January 12th where players will be able to mint the Premium Avatars of the character Eli.
WarQube Genesis Mint Starts on January 12th

The genesis mint for the MOBA, Tower-Defense, web3 Game, WarQube, starts on January 12th. Players will be able to mint the Premium Avatars of the character Eli. There will be a total supply of 2,500 NFTs on this sale. These will be sold for 0.1 $ETH and for 0.07 $ETH for community members with the OG or whitelist role, and partners.

This is the opportunity for community members to get their hands on a WarQube Genesis NFT. This NFT collection will consist of premium avatars of the main character Eli. These avatars have four different rarities -- Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

This is the first sale of WarQube ever where players can mint one of 2,500 NFTs. These NFTs will the have the following utility:

  • Early access to all game versions
  • Activation of P2E mode
  • Two Energy Cubes NFTs
  • Up to +20% rewards in P2E mode
  • $WQT Staking APR boost
  • Access to exclusive game features
  • NFT Staking
  • Token allocation from the fundraising
How to Mint a WarQube Genesis NFT?

Users must connect their MetaMask to the website on the minting date. They must have 0.07 $ETH if they have the OG or WL role or are partners. Otherwise, players must own 0.1 $ETH at least. Obviously, if the intention is to mint more than one NFT then the amount of $ETH required will increase. Users must also have some extra tokens to pay for gas fees.

I recommend all users interested in minting a WarQube NFT to stay tuned with their Discord channel and other socials like Twitter. The team will share more information regarding the mint closer to the date.

WarQube gameplay screenshot
WarQube gameplay screenshot

What's WarQube?

WarQube is a "Play-To-Earn" cooperative game that combines the Tower Defense, Isometric Shooter, and MOBA genres. The game will count with three different game modes: PvE, PvP, and Raid.

In PvE players must protect an enemy base from alien races. If the Cube with valuable knowledge is destroyed, players will lose the match. If the team of players manages to defeat the final wave of enemies, they will achieve victory.

In PvP players must defend their base and attack the other team's base. On each base, there will be turrets and from there drones will spawn. These drones will then advance with the goal to destroy the enemy base. This game mode falls more into the MOBA genre. Every team will consist of four players.

In Raid mode, players must clear a location full of enemies and defeat the boss. This is a co-op mode and, by completing a Raid, players will be rewarded with an NFT.

The game will include NFTs like the Energy Cubes, essential to earn tokens and Skins. There will be two tokens: $WQT and $WQC. And the game has a large emphasis on "play-to-earn".

Personally, WarQube did not convince me for the following reasons:

  • The gameplay does not look that exciting
  • There is not that much activity on their discord
  • I doubt they will manage to sell 2,500 NFTs in a bear market
  • The game has a large emphasis on "Play-to-Earn"
  • I am almost sure that the team bought bots and fake users to mimic user interaction

But, it is just my opinion and I might be wrong. If you are still interested in knowing more about the project I will leave you a Gameplay video of WarQube. You can also check out their playable demo that was just recently released.
WarQube Gameplay
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