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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jan 25, 2023

Voxie Tactics Reveals Upcoming Changes

Voxie Tactics announced a series of changes coming to their game, including a new Dragon class, and the first PvE content for the game!
Voxie Tactics Reveals Upcoming Changes

Voxie Tactics revealed some information about upcoming changes to this fantasy-themed, strategic battle game. Changes include a new Dragon class, Bone Chests with Dragon-themed items, a VOXEL airdrop, and the first PvE content!

Voxie Tactics unveiled their plans for upcoming changes to their strategic battle game, which includes new classes for some existing characters, a special event, and the first PvE content for the game!

Coming up soon is the VOXEL airdrop. Voxies plans to airdrop VOXEL tokens to players who were affected by server issues the game had during the summer of 2022. This airdrop should automatically land in eligible wallets on February 1st. And that's just in time to browse the items in the official Voxies Merchandise Shop, scheduled to open on January 26th. The store will accept VOXEL tokens, providing an additional use case for the game currency.

Voxies are also breaking out Dragons and Undead into their own class groups. These will no longer be classified as Monsters and each will have new, class-specific abilities, such as fire resistance for Dragons.

In addition, Voxie Tactics plans to add a new feature to the Arcanist's Forge called Infusion. Infusion will allow players to add a specific element to their items, providing even more customization options for players.

Dragon Fest and the Bone Dragon Boss

Along with this comes the first PvE event, the Bone Dragon Boss. Players take three Voxies into the Bone Dragon lair and try to survive. Players will compete for spots on a leaderboard for this event. Also, by participating, players contribute towards the community goal of defeating the Bone Dragon Boss. Once that quest is completed, there will be some sort of celebratory event as well as community rewards.

To celebrate these changes, Voxies will host a Dragon Fest event. During this event, players can gather Bone Fragments. Players trade Bone Fragments for Bone Chests, which contain Dragon themed items. Players can acquire Bone Fragments by competing in battles, playing the new PvE content, using the Voxies marketplace, and taking part in special community events.

The team hints that the items in the Bone Chests could include some things that help against fire attacks, as well as fiery pets!

Voxie Tactics roadmap
Voxie Tactics roadmap

What is Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a free to play, turn-based, fantasy, strategic battle game where two players field teams of three characters. These characters move, fight, and cast spells across a battlefield map in an attempt to destroy the opposing team. The game features 10 different character races and 20 unique classes, each with their own powers and abilities.

Voxie Tactics is free to play, with play to earn potential starting with your first PvP match! Not only do your earn VOXELS tokens from winning matches, but you can also find NFTs. And if that NFT doesn’t fit your characters or playstyle, then you can sell it on the marketplace!

The game features an MMR ranking ladder, so more experienced players should be matched against each other, giving the new players a chance to learn the game a bit before getting stomped! Players who don’t own any Voxie NFTs can select from a list of free characters to form their team. Voxies can be equipped with a variety of items to give them stat boosts and additional abilities.

During battle, Voxies have MPs, or Movement Points, used for all in-game actions. Characters take turn performing actions. Each character also has a turn timer, so decisions must be made quickly. The player with the last character(s) still standing wins the match.

Voxie Tactics includes a Forge, letting players upgrade their equipment by burning various game items and a rental system.

The game does not have a PvE or training feature yet. And the interface is awkward, so getting started as a new player can be a frustrating experience. But, it is free to play, so if you’re interested, head over to their website to download the game and give it a try!

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