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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 26, 2022

Voxie Tactics Prepares to Launch Season 0

Voxie Tactics prepares to launch Season 0 bringing weekly leaderboards, a crafting system, and plenty of strategic, PvP action to their players!
Voxie Tactics Prepares to Launch Season 0

After a successful and rather smooth transition to Polygon, Voxie Tactics prepares to launch Season 0 of their strategic, turn-based, fantasy, play and earn, squad combat, game! And though the official release won't be until October, there are some big updates before then that players won't want to miss.

Season 0 marks the start of the official launch for Voxie Tactics. Voxie Tactics opened up their beta back in February of 2022 and have been working on improvements ever since. They've fixed bugs, re-balanced items, battled bots, and now, they are ready to unleash their game to the general public (though the game has been free to play during beta as well).

Roadmap to Season 0

In fact, the team is so ready, that they have given us a detailed timeline for their plans. The preparation for Season 0 begins this week (September 26th) with the launch of a new client, introduction of the Forge, and details on the functionality of the upcoming rental system. This will also mark the beginning of leaderboard testing, featuring two weeks of competitions (with rewards for the top 100 players), before the official launch.

a newly forged item

The Forge is a burn-based crafting system. Players select up to 10 items to Forge into a new item. Some of the recipes are specific. I.E., burn 10 epic items to receive a random legendary item. But, players can also test their luck in random forging. For this, players submit up to 10 items to be burned, with the output randomly generated, though affected by the rarity and stats of the burned items.

Future enhancements to the Forge include secret Recipes, Godly Blueprints (for making Godly items), and Crystals which can be used in place of items.

This first week of October brings more informative blog posts as well as the release of the Voxies trailer. Then, on the week of October 10th, Voxie Tactics goes live as Season 0 launches along with the rental system and weekly rewards!

A week after that, the marketing campaign kicks into gear and the web3 space has another play and earn, NFT-based game to add to its resumé!

What is Voxie Tactics?

new player team selection
new player team selection

Voxie Tactics is a fantasy, strategic battle game where two players field teams of three characters. These characters move, fight, and cast spells across a battlefield map in an attempt to destroy the opposing team. The game features 10 different character races and 20 unique classes, each with their own powers and abilities.

Voxie Tactics is free to play, with play to earn potential starting with your first PvP match! Not only do your earn VOXELS tokens from winning matches, but you can also find NFTs. And if that NFT doesn’t fit your characters or playstyle, then you can sell it on the marketplace!

The game features an MMR ranking ladder, so more experienced players should be matched against each other, giving the new players a chance to learn the game a bit before getting stomped! Players who don't own any Voxie NFTs can select from a list of free characters to form their team. Voxies can be equipped with a variety of items to give them stat boosts and additional abilities.

During battle, Voxies have MPs, or Movement Points, used for all in-game actions. Characters take turn performing actions. Each character also has a turn timer, so decisions must be made quickly. The player with the last character(s) still standing wins the match.

What Are Voxies?

Voxies are 10k, generative, voxel project of 3D animated characters. Every Voxie is unique and features 20 attributes in addition to a Class and Race. Players equip their Voxies with items and pets to help them on the Voxie Tactics battlefield. All Voxies and Items are individual NFTs that can be bought and sold as normal. However, Voxies are static NFTs. Though Voxies use equipment and level up, that information is kept on the servers for the Voxie Tactics game. In the Voxie Tactics game, players field teams of three Voxies to fight for rewards and glory.

Voxie has its own token, VOXEL. VOXEL tokens are used for crafting, tournament entry fees, and at the in-game marketplace.

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