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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Feb 28, 2022

Upland Launches Player Owned Metaventures

Upland launches the first phase of it's player owned shop feature with the introduction of Metaventures. Ten partner shops are now open for business!
Upland Launches Player Owned Metaventures

Though Upland is primarily known as a game of buying and selling virtual properties on a real world map, they have steadily added new features, expanding their game into a virtual world. The most recent step in that direction includes player owned shops, called Metaventures.

Virtual worlds and metaverses are hot in the blockchain space. And Upland has been quietly building and expanding on their property ownership game, building it into something much grander. They kick off the next phase of their virtual economy with Metaventures, or player owned shops. At the moment, only ten shops are curated and partnered with Upland for this initial opening. But this is just the Beta launch. Expect many more opportunities for aspiring business owners in the future.

The partner shops are Nichiren's Explorer Shop, Mr. Inaugural, The Wise Owl, UPCO Explorers, Tolga's, Uplando's, Bloc-a-fellas, Mystery Block Shop, Metastar, and Nifty Central. Each offers unique Block Explorers that are not available anywhere else. Many, if not all, are limited edition NFTs, including some 1/1 unique items! Prices are in UPX and set by the shop owners.

three of the first Metaventures in Upland
Three of the first Metaventures shops in Upland

Block Explorers are avatars for the Upland universe. They appear as your profile picture and also as your representative icon on the game map. Block Explorers wander randomly around the map, though players can Send their Explorers to specific properties for a fee.

But the plans for player owned shops don't stop at selling Blockchain Explorers. This is only the first step. They want shop owners to be able to take commissions from other NFT creators, sell all sorts of NFTs, and even decorate the outside of their shops!

You can visit and browse the shops now on

If you don't have an Upland account yet, you can create one via our partner link and receive a signup bonus of 6,000 UPX instead of 4,000 to help you get started in the game. To get the bonus, use the following link and create your account:

More than just a game

Upland strives to be more than just a game. That becomes obvious when you see that they have a Constitution, suggesting rules, code of conduct, and guidelines for players and owners to follow in their metaverse. This mainly revolve around fair trade practices, botting, and multi-accounting, but I could imagine this charter expanding as their metaverse grows.

Upland supports sustainable climate initiatives and worked with the community to purchase enough carbon credits to offset ALL of their past server usage as of Q4 of 2021. Not only is this an industry leading effort, but it is also great publicity in a time when NFTs and blockhains are receiving a lot of negative press coverage for their energy usage. Not content to stop there, Upland plans on becoming carbon negative in the near future.

They also seek to bring real world partnerships into their virtual world. One of the more significant being a collaboration with the NFL Player's Association to create 'Legits'. Features for Legits are still being built, but imagine limited, seasonal mintings, mementos with rarities based on their performance during a game! Add burn and merge mechanics, digital autographs, and the potential for display inside your virtual house or apartment in Upland, you have a lot of exciting ideas packed into one NFT series!

The roadmap ahead for Uplands includes a lot to be excited about. Property management tools, in-game communications, exterior decorations, cafes, blueprint shops, ornament shops, cars, extensions to other blockchains, and more!

What is Upland?

Upland is a Monopoly-inspired game running on the EOS blockchain. Players buy and own digital versions of real-world properties with in-game tokens (UPX), which they can also earn in the game itself. And though UPX is only an in-game token, property owners can sell their properties for USD.

Players begin with some UPX to help them purchase their first property. After that, players earn income from owning and trading virtual properties, completing signature collections, and participating in treasure hunts and other live events. Upland uses real-world maps and has expanded to over a dozen U.S. cities. Properties are based on real-world boundaries and the game features transit portals for moving between different cities. Players can own transit stations and even famous landmarks!

Explore the maps with your Block Explorer

Expanding on their original game of basic property ownership, Upland has introduced virtual businesses and the ability for players to work together on building and upgrading properties. Expect many more developments over the coming months! Upland runs in a browser and as a mobile app on iOS and Android.

Sign up via this link and get a bonus 6,000 UPX bonus instead of 4,000 UPX.

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