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Sep 25, 2023

Unreal Engine Integrates LUKSO's Mainnet and Standards

Unreal Engine, the 2D and 3D content development framework by Epic Games, has integrated LUKSO's mainnet and standards into its blockchain integration plugin.
Unreal Engine Integrates LUKSO's Mainnet and Standards

Unreal Engine, a powerful development framework for creating interactive 2D and 3D content by Epic Games, has taken a significant step by integrating LUKSO's mainnet and standards into its enhanced Blockchain integration plugin. This development, announced via a tweet on September 19, expands the plugin's capabilities, which already support various platforms, including Polygon and Avalanche.

LUKSO's integration allows users to directly interact with universal profiles and flexible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from games. Universal Profiles on LUKSO provide interoperable, verified digital identities, empowering users to control their online avatars and digital assets.

Game developers and enthusiasts interested in leveraging this integration can purchase and download the blockchain tool. Unreal Engine's documentation defines the plugin as a set of tools and libraries enabling game developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain functionality into their creations. The plugin can communicate with smart contracts coded in Solidity, including those compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), such as LUKSO.

Unreal Engine emphasizes that the plugin facilitates actions like minting, transferring, and utilizing NFTs, acting as a gateway for exploration. Additionally, users can implement play-to-earn (P2E) features through the plugin.

Following the public announcement of this integration, LYX, the native token of the LUKSO blockchain, has maintained a stable but firm position. This stability comes as the broader crypto market recovers from notable losses since mid-August. At the time of writing on September 19, LYX is trading at $5.56, representing a 43% decline from its July peaks when it was listed on KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

Future plans for the Unreal Engine blockchain integration tool include support for Bitcoin, Solana, and OpenSea. Initially, the tool exclusively supported Ethereum, but subsequent updates have expanded its reach. Epic Games has incorporated zero knowledge rollups, Immutable X, and Optimism, all layer-2 solutions designed to scale Ethereum while reducing transaction costs. Before these updates, the plugin already supported ERC-20 and ERC-1155 standards.

Despite being EVM-compatible, Epic Games and Unreal Engine are introducing LUKSO functionalities ahead of Solana. While Solana offers impressive scalability and lower trading fees, LUKSO holds significance due to its co-founder, Fabian Vogelsteller. Vogelsteller is renowned as the author of the ERC-20 standard, a blueprint that underpins numerous tokens, including UNI (Uniswap's native token) and MKR (Maker's governance token). His early contributions played a crucial role in shaping Ethereum.

In the coming versions, the Unreal Engine plugin will extend its support to OpenSea and Bitcoin, further diversifying its capabilities and reach within the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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