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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 14, 2021

Train of the Century Steams Ahead into Beta

Train of the Century opened up its beta, allowing train enthusiasts and those more interested in play-to-earn to experience an early iteration of the game.
Train of the Century Steams Ahead into Beta

The strategic management game Train of the Century opened up its beta, allowing train enthusiasts and those more interested in the play-to-earn facet a chance to experience an early iteration of their game. Entry into the beta requires owning several NFTs and some of the official token, Tocium. But even in beta, players can start earning.

Train of the Century roadmap

Train of the Century is a Wax-based game. Players own and manage trains, including conductors, engines, rail cars, and commodities, all of which exist as NFTs. By outfitting their trains and delivering goods to various towns on the map, players earn Tocium, the in-game currency that can also be traded for WAX on the Alcor exchange.

This early beta allows only one engine and one rail car at a time, though you can load multiple commodities if you have room. Future releases include additional rail cars, multiple trains, station ownership, NPC encounters and more.

The Station Week-Sale Event is slated to run from Nov 15th through the 20th. There are chances to acquire stations through auctions, raffles, and in-game sales. Station owners receive a percentage of Tocium from every trip through their station and can upgrade their station to make it more enticing to other players. Certainly not an event to miss if you're into NFT land ownership and/or trains.

Also, anyone who adds liquidity to the WAX / TOCIUM pool on Alcor automatically enters into a weekly drawing to win Train of the Century packs. You must hold at least 500 WAX-TOCIUM LP tokens for a week prior to the draw. First drawing to be held on November 21st.

How do I play Train of the Century?

Playing Train of the Century requires a WAX wallet, and several game NFTs. You will need a train, a conductor (to drive the train), a rail car, commodities to haul, and a bit of Tocium to purchase fuel.

You start in a random location on the map. Look for a blue dot, then zoom in to see the station. Click on the station, and a window pops up with an option for editing your train. Adding conductors, locomotives, and rail cars is pretty self-explanatory. You do have to make sure that your conductor is high enough level to run the selected train (conductor level must be equal to or greater than the locomotive's conductor threshhold). The tricky part comes when adding commodities. You don't want to miss this. Otherwise you'll only receive 1 Tocium for the trip.

When selecting rail cars, you need to also select the loading dock button. (Note: sometimes this button is hidden behind the cards). Each rail car has a type, which determines what sort of commodities it can haul, and a weight limit limited how much it can carry on a trip. Trains also require fuel, either coal or diesel, purchased with Tocium. The amount of fuel needed for a trip is based on distance and weight hauled.

Now just sending a random selection on trips may not result in a profit. In fact, with the cost of fuel, you may lose Tocium on the trip! So, it's important that you load your rail cars as full as you can for the most potential income. Also, as this is an initial beta, expect many tweaks to the game formulas.

In the future, there will be much more granularity involved, with stations preferring certain types of commodities dynamically, conductor perks, and special one-time opportunities to embark on especially lucrative runs.

What is Train of the Century?

Train of the Century is a strategy NFT trading card game focused on time-traveling entrepreneurship. You will become Railroader, a mysterious time traveler that explores the CenturyVerse in search of riches. 

You will collect cards, each of which is an NFT, and build your very own train. Assembling the train is part of the strategy. Once created, you’ll load up on cargo or passengers and depart. Players will create their own routes and schedules. Remember to hire a conductor to provide your train with the best stats possible. The purpose of the game is to earn TOCIUM, the game’s token. Players can use this token in-game to make various purchases or exchange it for your currency of choice.

As with any NFT game worth talking about, NFTs will have rarity levels. Higher-level rarities will have better stats and, of course, be harder to find. Check out their website to learn more.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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