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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 26, 2022

The Pixels Chapter 1 is Live

Pixels is one of the most popular web3 farming games and it just launched its Chapter 1, and with it a lot of content was added to the game.
The Pixels Chapter 1 is Live

Pixels quickly became one of the most popular web3 farming games and it just launched its Chapter 1. In Pixels Chapter 1, players will find a new token, new quests, new resources, and a much more sophisticated economy.

In August, the team announced the 'Play2Airdrop' model. In this campaign, players were rewarded with points by engaging in many of the game's activities. That campaign is now over and it was a success. Many players participated and were rewarded for being part of the early stages of Pixels.
Pixels, last day of the Play2Airdrop Campaign

After that, it was Pixel's birthday and the beginning of chapter 1. In this new chapter, players can expect a lot of new features.

The token $BERRY is now part of the game. Players can get this 'soft currency' by selling crops in the shop and it is Pixel's utility token. One of the token utilities is to buy a farm that will be better than the 'free farm', but not as good as the NFT Farms that players are selling on Open Sea. It will be possible to buy this land through the new NPC Ranger Dale.

Pixel's new NPC Ranger Dale
NPC Ranger Dale

Players can also use the token to buy items to customize their farms. With these transactions, $BERRY goes to a treasury and, accordingly to the team, a portion of it might be burned.

Then, the team always wanted to create an economy managed by players. That's why with chapter 1 every in-game item is either an NFT or an ERC-20 token. On-chain activity is all backed by the Layer 2 Blockchain Polygon.

Pixels has a lot more content. Now, after a long day of hard work on their farms, players can recover some energy in the brand-new Sauna.

Pixel's Sauna
Pixel's Sauna
Chapter 1 breakdown
  • All of the in-game items players earn will be NFTs
  • $BERRY, an ERC-20 was integrated
  • There will be a new farm to design and build
  • There will be new resources for players to discover
  • A more sophisticated in-game economy
  • For those who do not own NFT land, there will be a way to work up towards their own piece of land to build and customize
  • A free-to-play loop with land that those users can customize
  • NFT traits are now reflected on land
  • New resource generators — called industries
  • New quests
  • Crafting
  • A new navigation system
  • A ton of new content that will have to be purchased with earned coins and crafted with rare resources
  • A rebalance of resource generation
Token lockup and vesting periods

After earning $BERRY, this token will vest over a period of three months. This is to make sure Pixel's economy is sustainable in the long term and to discourage 'flippers' and players who are just looking to make a quick profit out of the game.

The team also wants to make sure that bots do not ruin the game's economy. This is another reason why it's so hard to get tokens on-chain for players, and why there is so much time being dedicated to analyzing data and tracking bots.

What is Pixels

Pixels is a pixelated farming game on Polygon. This web3 game is identical to other titles like Sunflower Land. Players plant seeds, harvest crops, get experience and level up, do quests, and now they can also sell crops for $BERRY.

Those who own an NFT farm will have a large customizable land plot to cultivate their crops. Those who don't will have to use their free farm which is limited when in comparison to the NFT farms being sold on Open Sea. The problem is that certain resources can only be cultivated on NFT farms, so F2P players will have to go to other players' NFT farms to get this more rare resources. For land owners, when other players use their farms, there is a small chance a portion of the harvested resources will go to their inventory. For this reason, there are a lot of landowners on discord doing publicity about their farms.

Now F2P players can buy a land plot with $BERRY which still has some limitations, but it is better than the free farms.

Personally, I feel like trying Pixels out. The game looks fun, it already has a lot of content even though it is in Beta and it has over 140,000 members on their Discord server. If you are a fan of farming games keep this one on your radar.
Pixels Gameplay
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