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Anvi Saini
Anvi Saini
Jun 7, 2024

The Beacon New Frontiers Quest Starts June 10: What You Need to Know

The Beacon's New Frontiers Quest, starting June 10, offers players a unique opportunity to earn exclusive rewards and secure a Whitelist spot for the Writ of Passage NFT by completing quests and accumulating Prestige Points.
 The Beacon New Frontiers Quest Starts June 10: What You Need to Know

The Beacon's New Frontiers Quest introduces an exciting opportunity for players to engage in a dynamic Play2Airdrop and Play2Whitelist experience. This event serves as a prelude to the Writ of Passage NFT Mint and the global launch of The Beacon game. Here's everything you need to know to make the most of this unique quest.

Understanding The New Frontiers Quest

The New Frontiers Quest is a quest-based progression system that integrates both a web app and a game demo. It invites players to complete various challenges, earn Prestige Points, and ultimately secure a spot in the coveted Whitelist for the Writ of Passage NFT.

Further, Prestige Points are the backbone of your progress in The New Frontiers Quest. You earn these points by completing a wide range of quests and referring new players to the game. The more points you gather, the higher your rank and the better your chances of gaining a Whitelist spot.

Essentially, completing quests is the primary way to earn Prestige Points. These quests can include in-game challenges, social media interactions, and even some blockchain-related tasks. Each quest's difficulty determines the number of points awarded, encouraging players to take on more challenging tasks for greater rewards.

As you accumulate Prestige Points, your rank within the quest system increases. Higher ranks not only enhance your prestige but also improve your chances of earning a Whitelist spot in the final draft. Additionally, players with higher ranks may receive a small allocation of tokens as a reward for their efforts.

Notably, Prestige Points can also be used to unlock various chests filled with exclusive items. These chests contain event-specific cosmetics, Medallions, Arb Tokens, and other exciting rewards. The more points you have, the more chests you can open, making it beneficial to participate actively and gather as many points as possible.

Medallions and Arb Tokens

Medallions are special items found in the chests, representing future token allocations. The rarity of the medallion corresponds to the potential token reward you can receive. Additionally, 150,000 Arb Tokens will be distributed throughout Phase One, giving players another reason to stay engaged and participate in the quest.

Event Phases and Important Dates

The New Frontiers Quest is divided into several phases, each with its own set of activities and rewards:

Phase 1: Open to all players, Phase One offers demo content, social activities, and the opportunity to earn a Whitelist spot for the Writ of Passage NFT. This phase runs from June 10 to June 30, with the NFT mint scheduled for late June or early July.

Phase 2 and 3: Exclusive to Writ of Passage NFT holders, Phases Two and Three will introduce new content, quests, testing sessions, and opportunities for feedback. These phases will offer additional token allocations and further rewards. Dates and details for these phases are to be announced.

Quest Lines and Activities

The New Frontiers Quest features both main quest lines and side quests, providing multiple avenues for players to earn points and rewards:

Firstly, completing the main quest line is essential for entering a raffle for a Whitelist spot. Additionally, it qualifies players for token allocation, making it a crucial part of the event.

Not to mention, side quests offer extra opportunities to earn Prestige Points. These optional tasks are a great way to boost your points total and improve your rank, increasing your chances of earning top rewards.

After the Event

Ultimately, players who complete the main quest line will be entered into a raffle for a Whitelist spot to mint the Writ of Passage NFT. This NFT provides early access to The Beacon ecosystem and subsequent games, along with opportunities to earn more tokens by completing additional quests.

The Writ of Passage NFT mint will occur at the end of Phase One, in early July (exact date TBA). This NFT grants holders early access to Phases Two and Three of the New Frontiers Quest and entitles them to a share of future tokens.

Overall, the Beacon's New Frontiers Quest offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for players, blending gaming challenges with blockchain rewards.  Undoubtely, earning Prestige Points, and climbing the ranks, players can unlock exclusive items, secure a Whitelist spot, and gain early access to The Beacon's ecosystem. 

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