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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Dec 1, 2022

Star Atlas Land Plot and Claim Stake Sale

Star Atlas dropped some details about their upcoming land plot and stake claim sale, scheduled to start on December 20th.
Star Atlas Land Plot and Claim Stake Sale

Star Atlas announced some of the details around their upcoming land plot and claim stake sale. Land plots equate to player housing and Claim Stakes will be used for those who want to extract resources from planets, so there should be a demand for both items. However, I do have to question some of the price points for this sale.

A couple of weeks ago Star Atlas announced a series of four NFT sales for their epic, space-based, strategy game. The first sale, for Titans and other ships, is still ongoing. And while we still for someone to spend over a million dollars on an NFT spaceship, Star Atlas brings us news of their next sale.

Beginning on December 20th, at 12pm EST, part 2 of this series of sales opens, featuring Land Plots and Claim Stakes.

size comparison for land plots
size comparison for land plots

Land Plots

This upcoming sale opens up 10% of the total, planned residential area for each Faction. The sale occurs in four tranches, or sections. The first tranche includes all Tier 5 plots, half of the Tier 4 plots, and a fourth of the rest of the plots. All items in this first tranche will be discounted by 15%. The second set of plots released includes the rest of Tier 4 plots and another quarter of the lower tiers, all priced with a 10 % discount. The remaining inventory will be divided between the two final tranches, with a discount of 5% on the third set, and no discount for the final set.

These land plots exist in the Central Space Stations for each faction, which will also serve as a starting point for new players and a main hub throughout the game. In all plots players can decorate and place furniture in pre-determined spots, apply a paint color of their choice, and store their items and resources. All of these sales include bonus items that won't necessarily be included in future sales.

The base tier is not actually an individual land plot. Instead, it's an apartment in a tower condo. These are still private residences, just perhaps not as fancy as the others. Base Tier habitats cost $80 and there are a 4,100 units available per faction for this sale.

The next step up, a Tier 1 plot, is quite a bit more expensive, but it's also a lot fancier. These plots cost $1610 and are individual land plots within the Stations. Players can customize the exterior as well as the interior. These plots also come with a landing pad, and a Calico Scud ship. Only 471 Tier 1 plots are available -- 157 per faction.

Tier 2 plots cost $9300. These plots have enough room to house four players, and owners can even choose to rent out a room (space AirBNB?). These include all the benefits of Tier 1 habitats, plus an additional ship, the Calico Maxhog. Tier 3 plots cost $20k and come with bigger everything, including an exclusive Pet House and are large enough to house a small guild.

Only two Tier 4 plots will be available for each faction. And these status symbols cost a cool $180k. Really more of a villa than a house, Tier 4s have room for dozens of players to comfortably live. They also include an exclusive sculpture decoration and four free ships.

And then, finally, there are Tier 5 plots. These are ludicrously priced at $2 million each, with only one available per Faction. And while they look fancy and will likely impress visitors, with a price point even higher than the revered Titan ships, it would surprise me if any plots from this Tier sell.

Tier 5 land plots
Tier 5 land plots

Claim Stakes

Then, for those who want to be a part of the crafting economy, we have Claim Stakes. Claim Stakes allow players to mine for resources. Claim Stakes exist in-game as physical objects. Players must transport them to a planet in order to claim a mining spot. After staking a claim, players will still need to build up the infrastructure to produce resources and protect their claims.

Claim Stakes harvest resources based on their rarity. A common Stake should be able to bring in enough to keep an XS size ship supplied. While a Legendary will generate enough resources to run a Capital class ship. There will be a tax on Claim Stakes, so unused Claims will quickly become a drain on the owning player's wallet. Prices range from $32 for a common Claim Stake, all the way up to $7,776 for a Legendary.

Since there are already some Claim Stakes in existence, Star Atlas plans to open enable them in the Galactic Market one week before the sale starts.

mining Claim Stake
mining Claim Stake

You can read more details about this sale in the official blog post.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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