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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jun 17, 2024

Space Mavericks Launches Massive Airdrop Campaign with 13 Million MVRK Tokens

Space Mavericks has launched an exciting play-to-airdrop campaign, with 13 million $MVRK tokens up for grabs! Players can earn by taking part in Adventure Mode, referring friends, and completing social tasks on Midle.
Space Mavericks Launches Massive Airdrop Campaign with 13 Million MVRK Tokens

Space Mavericks, a real-time multiplayer game, has launched an exciting airdrop campaign - featuring 13 million $MVRK tokens in prizes! This game blends the artillery mechanics of Worms and Angry Birds with the strategic elements of MOBAs like Dota. It’s free-to-play, where gamers dive into intense space battles for juicy rewards. 

About Space Mavericks

Built by FireGecko, Space Mavericks is a thrilling game that combines the artillery and MOBA genres. Players adjust angles and power to aim and shoot, recreating the classic artillery style. In this game, users navigate chaotic battle arenas to earn rewards and ranks. The game's combination of physics-based shooting and large-scale battles makes it a unique experience.

How to Earn Tokens

Players can earn $MVRK tokens in three ways. First, in Adventure Mode, players collect "Adventure Points" by engaging in space missions. The top 1,000 players on the leaderboard will share a total of 8 million $MVRK tokens. Next, by referring friends to play, participants can earn "Referral Points." The top 300 on the referral leaderboard will share 2 million $MVRK tokens. Lastly, players can complete social tasks on the Midle platform to share the remaining 3 million $MVRK tokens.

Joining the Campaign

To join the event, players must connect their wallets on the Space Mavericks website and have some $MATIC for gas fees. In Adventure Mode, players explore, mine, and battle in space to collect points. Referrals can earn you bonus points, thus improving your ranking. Social tasks on Midle offer another way to earn tokens, further engaging the community.

Adventure Mode Details

In Adventure Mode, players embark on a cosmic adventure where they can explore, mine, and earn rewards. By completing missions and battling opponents, they can climb the leaderboard and secure a share of the 8 million $MVRK. This mode is highly competitive, offering the largest chunk of the total rewards.

Referral Program

The referral program is a great way to boost your earnings. By inviting friends to join Adventure Mode, players earn "Referral Points." The top 300 referrers will share 2 million $MVRK tokens. This is perfect for those who enjoy promoting the game and bringing in new players. Each successful referral also grants 10% in extra points, boosting the chances of climbing the leaderboard.

Social Tasks on Midle

For those who enjoy social tasks, completing these on the Midle platform offers another way to earn tokens. The platform features various tasks that, once completed, reward players with a share of the 3 million $MVRK. Even those who may not excel in the game can still earn valuable token rewards.

Benefits of Holding Space Mavericks and Partner NFTs/Tokens

Holding Space Mavericks NFTs can also provide major boosts. For instance, the Goliath Pioneer Spaceship NFT offers a 100% boost, while the Ogami Mage NFT provides an even greater boost of 150%. These can greatly enhance your gameplay, making it easier to earn more. Besides that, if you are holding any Partner NFTs/tokens, such as $RON, $YGG, Citizen Zero: Founders, and Dogami NFTs, you may get a 30% - 50% boost.

Staking $MATIC for More

Players can also stake $MATIC for more benefits. Staking $MATIC reduces the cooldown in Adventure Mode and provides an Adventure Point boost. For each 35 $MATIC staked, the cooldown is reduced by one minute. What's more, staking 150 $MATIC grants a 10% Adventure Point bonus, with a maximum of 100% boost for staking 1,500 $MATIC.

No doubt, Space Mavericks' play-to-airdrop campaign is a fantastic way for players to dive into thrilling space battles while earning $MVRK tokens. Whether through Adventure Mode, referrals, or social tasks, there are multiple ways to play and earn. Join now, connect your wallet, and start your journey to fame and glory!

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