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Jun 11, 2024

Seedworld Announces Mounts and Vanguards Soft Staking

Seedworld is gearing up to launch a soft staking system for Mounts and Vanguard NFTs, rewarding stakers with points without needing to pay for transaction fees, with the points set to be converted into the upcoming $SWORLD token.
Seedworld Announces Mounts and Vanguards Soft Staking

UGC-focused gaming platform Seedworld has announced that it plans to soon launch soft staking for Mounts and Vanguard NFTs.

Staking Details

This will be the platform’s first ever NFT staking feature, which is set to go live very soon once the developers apply fixes based on feedback collected from the final community tests that took place this past weekend. 

The team wants to give back to its NFT holders by allowing them to earn rewards without needing to pay any transaction fees. To do this, the system will reward the accounts of NFT owners with daily points that will convert into the upcoming $SWORLD token, and users don’t need to disconnect or reconnect their wallet to make this work. The amount of points holders can get daily depends on the NFT(s) owned. According to the guide, 1 point is given every day for Seed Pods until they turn into Vanguards, potentially giving more points depending on rarity. The image below shows how many points each NFT can get.

Once the system goes live, holders will connect their wallet to a staking dashboard, signing in through an off-chain transaction with no fees. From there, users will see their assets listed in the dashboard, with the option to click on them to start staking them. This will also require signing a feeless off-chain transaction to verify ownership and have the action logged to the team’s backend database.

Users will be able to unstake NFTs at any time, but doing so will add a 7-day cooldown period that will have to run out before being able to stake the same asset again.

Prize Pool Distribution

Points are used to determine your share of the $SWORD prize pool allocated for staking. According to an example provided by the developers, if you earn 150 points over the course of 60 days, and the total points pool is 150k, that means you have a 0.1% share, resembling the percentage of the $SWORLD reward pool that you’ll get for that specific time period.

15% of the $SWORLD total supply has been allocated for this system, with 20% of that allocation to be rewarded to stakers at TGE. The remaining 80% will be given away after TGE through an 8-month linear unlock schedule. This means that you will have to stake every month after TGE to be eligible for the reward pool of each month. The official post also states that a unified token claim system will go live during TGE, with the system set to be used for vestings that come after TGE.

About Seedworld

Seedworld is a free-to-play gaming platform focused on enabling user-generated content. Made by Seedify Meta Studios, players will be able to collaborate and create games in a persistent 3D metaverse using the Seedworld Land Editor. This editor will let players fly about in third-person view, sculpting terrain and creating structures using various models and props to build beautiful worlds alone or in real-time with friends.

Created with the Unreal Engine, players will be able to develop diverse experiences and enjoy various game genres in this economy-driven world, including adventure, racing and shooter games. There will be varied limited resources to extract on player-owned lands and the resources can be sold or used for crafting, with creators also able to offer them as rewards in their games in order to encourage players to spend time in their land.

The Web3-integrated economy will consist of a virtual currency called Amé. You will be able to trade crafted items in NFT marketplaces while turning resources you don’t need into this currency, which will be possible to exchange for cryptocurrency.

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