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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jun 29, 2022

Satoshiverse Linked Wearables in Decentraland

Satoshiverse, an NFT collection, has turned its non-fungible tokens into Linked Wearables that can now be used in Decentraland.
Satoshiverse Linked Wearables in Decentraland

Satoshiverse, an NFT collection, has turned its non-fungible tokens into Linked Wearables that can now be used in Decentraland. Linked wearables are 3D models of NFT that do not belong to Decentraland, but external NFT collections can be used in Decentraland as in-world wearables for the first time. The Linked Wearables feature was added to Decentraland in April as a part of a DAO proposal.

Linked Wearables are 3D models of NFTs that can be used as in-world wearables in a metaverse and can be equipped by an avatar. These wearables have no rarity and cannot be sold on external markets. They are just representations of an external NFT in a metaverse world. NFTs can be converted to Linked Wearables for free and can be done by third-party applications approved by the DAO. 

To convert your NFT, you must register your NFTs as Linked Wearables by submitting a proposal in the Decentraland Builder section. This application will allow users to upload 3D models of their NFTs, create wearable collections, link wearables with actual NFTs, and then enjoy the brand new Linked Wearables in Decentraland.

Satoshiverse Linked Wearables Collection

How Satoshiverse became the first collection of Linked Wearables on Decentraland?

Satoshiverse is the first NFT collection that made it through the Linked Wearables curation process. The NFTs of Satoshiverse will be the first ones to be mapped as Linked Wearables on Decentraland. Through this project, people will get to know more about Satoshiverse and will create a more accessible place for the NFTs to reach people. Satoshi’s Legionnaires NFTs will be accessible in Decentraland. These Legionnaires are custom-made 3D suits created by comic book artist Jose Delpo and Apollo NFT studios. Users can wear suits as Wearables in Decentraland and show off people their costumes.

Nick, the founder of the Satoshiverse Co-Founder, emphasized his enthusiasm for the project, adding that “it was the culmination of all his passions that led him to the Decentraland and Satoshiverse team.”

On June 17th, a Satoshiverse and Decentraland Linked Wearables Party was hosted in which wearables were airdropped to existing Satoshiverse holders. Both the teams are currently working on a headquarters feature in Decentraland where NFT holders can meet for various activities.

Decentraland Virtual World

Advantages of Linked Wearables in Decentraland

This is the first time the interoperability support has been provided to Decentraland. Owners of Linked Wearables can wear and show them off in the metaverse. Through this project, people will learn more about Decentraland and become a part of this metaverse. People will get the chance to talk to each other and hang out with friends through these Linked Wearables. NFT owners of a specific community of NFTs can socialize with each other due to the same Linked Wearables. In the future, Decentraland can also host community events or be a place for headquarters for different communities where people can come and stream music together or participate in different activities.

Being the largest web-based decentralized blockchain-based metaverse with over 500k monthly users, Decentraland is the perfect platform for NFT companies to release new NFT connections through Linked Wearables that will increase awareness. For example, suppose you see your friend in the metaverse wearing a cool brand new linked wearable; you will want to know more about it and eventually buy the NFT linked to the wearable.

About Satoshiverse NFTs?

Satoshiverse is a comic universe developed for blockchain by Jose Delbo and Apollo NFT studios. The Satoshiverse includes 3D animated next-generation avatars called Legionnaires. About 10,000 3D-generated NFTs with a programmatically generated soundtrack make Satoshi’s Legions the most complex avatar project. Collectors of the NFTs will be able to use the 3D avatars in other existing blockchain metaverses and exclusive contests. Legionnaires also have access to the Satoshiverse P2E game and will be able to use the NFTs within the game.

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