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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jun 10, 2021

Property Development Arrives in Upland

Upland, the property ownership and development game, has announced the first phase of their Property Development. They named it Bellini I.
Property Development Arrives in Upland

Upland, the property ownership and development game, has announced the first phase of their Property Development. They named it Bellini I. Players will be able to utilize a new currency, called Spark, to construct a variety of structures on their properties.

This initial release includes on a subset of models for construction. Eventually players can use constructions as player homes, businesses, and even custom models for landmarks. Property development in Upland has been a much anticipated feature for a while. The update will include the introduction of the Spark token (USPK), Structure NFTs (UNFT), enhanced graphics and coloring options, and collaborative construction.

It's important to note that development will not be available on some properties such as landmarks, terminals, and some excluded properties. That's one of the limitations of this first rollout.

Construction requires Spark

Spark is the currency that will be used to enable the minting of new types of NFTs in the Upland metaverse. This includes all inanimate objects such as structures, outdoor decor items, and more. It is unclear exactly how players accumulate Spark, but the Upland team has said that they want it to primarily go to active players. Players can stake their Spark on a construction project to assist in building. Once the construction is complete, the Spark will be returned to the player. Players can also loan their Spark out to other players at the Spark exchange.

Construction of new buildings will require a plot of land and Spark. Construction time is listed in Spark/Hours (SpH). During the planning phase, you can change the colors of the structure and rotate it on the plot. Once construction has begun, players can no longer change the colors and position of the building. However, there could be options to repaint the building in the future.

Once construction has started, other players can contribute their spark to help speed up construction. When completed, the structure will be created as a UNFT. This will tether the NFT to the plot. Once attached, players can't sellor trade the structure as a separate property. Instead, it will remain attached to the plot and will change ownership as the plot does.

Players who participate in the initial rollout will be eligible to earn the Collaborator Badge. The badge will be awarded to the top 10 players who contributed the most SpH to other players’ projects. Players who are not part of the initial rollout will have more chances to win this badge at later stages. This release is just a first step towards adding more interaction and in-game development in Upland.

What is Upland?

Upland is a Monopoly-inspired EOS blockchain game in which players buy using UPX and then own digital versions of real-world properties. Players can buy virtual property using in-game tokens, which they can also earn in the game itself. In addition this virtual real-estate platform will become a bit similar to the Monopoly board game. The plan is to allow users for example to setup virtual businesses.

The game world of Upland is hundred percent based on the real world. Players start in San Francisco or Fresno and can travel to other cities, including New York. They earn income from trading virtual properties, completing signature collections and by participating in treasure hunts and other live events. Each property in Upland is based on real-world boundaries and is represented by a non-fungible token on the EOS blockchain.

Upland allows players to create virtual businesses. In addition there are competitive tournaments where players need to use their block explorers to conquer land as a team. Upland is available for iOS and Android.

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