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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 25, 2021

Presale Price Doubled on Splinterlands Chaos Legion Card Packs

Splinterlands Chaos Legion card packs will sell for $4 each during the presale, which is double the amount of the previous card packs.
Presale Price Doubled on Splinterlands Chaos Legion Card Packs

Splinterlands Chaos Legion card packs will sell for $4 each during the presale, which is double the amount of the previous card packs. The trading card game Splinterlands expansion will have its presale from October 18th until November 17th. In this post we will talk you through all the information released by the development team.

The idea is that the increased price and the tremendous increase in the player base of Splinterlands, will result in more expensive collectible cards. Furthermore, these cards come with all kinds of financial benefits, including points for the daily SPS airdrop. Players will be able to buy card packs using Credits, which you can buy using crypto or credit cards. In addition you will be able to spend your SPS and DEC on these new card packs.

There will be a total of 15 million card packs. Players who buy 100 up to 499 card packs at once, will get an extra 10%. While 500 to 1999 packs gets you 15% extra packs. Furthermore, if you're crazy enough to buy 2000+ packs, you will get 20% extra!

Over the course of the Chaos Legion distribution period, there will be 13 airdrop cards and 1 limited edition promo card. After every 1 million Chaos Legion card packs sold, the Splinterlands team will airdrop one card. Those who join the sale early on, will be able to participate in every airdrop. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean you will actually win these airdrops. There's always an element of chance.

Changes to economics

The cards from Chaos Legion will have only half the collection power and DEC burn value, when compared to the older cards. Burning a Gold Foil card will now increase the DEC earnings 25 times, instead of the previous 50 times.These changes have been made to make sure that the older cards keep their value, while also compensating for the DEC price increase in the past few months.

However, combining cards will still work the same. Combining cards will level them up, unlocking new powers and their true potential.

About the Chaos Legion presale

When the presale launches, the team will sell 1 million card packs out of the total 15 million. These Chaos Legion card packs can't be opened yet, but these do come with some benefits. Players who spend their SPS on the presale packs will get a 10% discount. However, you can't just get in the presale like that, as you need to spend a voucher for each pack you want to buy. To earn vouchers, you need to stake SPS on the Splinterlands platform.

If you're stake is 1% of the total pool, you will receive 1% of the 33.333 vouchers per day. That's 333 vouchers, in case you're wondering. These vouchers themselves are also tokenized, so you could sell them. If you buy card packs with those vouchers, these packs will earn your 300 Airdrop Points. Players who stake more than 1 million SPS, will be capped. The maximum amount of staked SPS that counts for the voucher airdrop is 1 million.

The Splinterlands team thinks that the vouchers will not only be used for the Chaos Legion presale. There will likely be more promotions and sales in the future, using the same system. They also anticipate that vouchers will be needed to buy Chaos Legion packs, even when the expansion gets released into the Splinterlands ecosystem.

Presale buyers will be eligible for the 13 airdrop cards, and they have a chance for a limited edition promo card. There'sa 2% chance that you will get this promo card, and only 2% of those will become Gold Foil editions. Users who buy 50 or more packs will receive at least one limited edition promo card. Accounts that buy 1000 packs will get a gold foil edition promo card for sure. They will also receive one 'The Legionnaire' title for every 1000 packs bought. While the top 6 buyers get to design a Legendary Summoner card, which will be part of the airdrop.

When will all this take place

The Splinterlands team has scheduled the Chaos Legion presale to begin on Monday, October 18th, 2021. They will give out VOUCHER tokens daily starting on that same day through Wednesday, November 17th, 2021. After that the presale doesn't end, as Chaos Legion presale packs will be available until Wednesday, November 24th, 2021.

Splinterlands Chaos Legion presale pack buyers will receive the limited-edition promo card and the title once the set launches in the game. The exact date of that launch is still TBD.

What is Splinterlands?

Read our full Splinterlands game guide here and start playing on

Splinterlands is a trading card game that started on the Steem blockchain as Steemmonsters. However, over time the project changed names. Now gamers can play the game on desktop and mobile devices, mainly using the Hive blockchain. Thanks to an intelligent functionality, cards and tokens can also be traded on the Ethereum blockchain and on Wax. Splinterlands now also has a governance token, called SPS.

Splinterlands allows anybody to play and earn cards and other resources. Players need to create a set of cards to defeat their opponent. Cards come in different rarities with seven different stats. In addition these cards have abilities and come from seven factions. The way cards work together is dependent on all these different attributes.

Players earn cards by winning matches. They can combine cards to gain levels. After that you can sell cards on the open marketplace for cryptocurrencies, or lease them to other players. The most rare cards are wanted assets, especially when there are tournaments. The ability to rent Splinterlands cards will certainly have an impact here!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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