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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Dec 20, 2022

Playtest Tavern Games in Mirandus

Mirandus prepares to open up a short playtest to give players a chance to preview and test their tavern game, Three-Eyed Snake.
Playtest Tavern Games in Mirandus

Mirandus prepares to bring another short playtest, this one about Tavern Games. Open to all, but only for a limited window, players have a chance to wager and win copper coins, with the biggest winners receiving special prizes at the end of the event.

To help create the feeling of a living world, the upcoming web3 MMO, Mirandus, will include various tavern games, playable in-game. They're now ready to put up a playtest for the first of these, a game called Three-Eyed Snake. Three-Eyed Snake is a dice rolling, gambling game for two to eight players. Players try to roll as many sixes as they can on three dice, though rolling three ones, or a Three-Eyed Snake, is also good.

the rules for Three-Eyed Snake
rules for the tavern game Three-Eyed Snake

Tavern Games Playtest Info

This Tavern Games playtest only runs for one day -- from 10am PST December 20th until 10pm December 21st. Players don't need to own any Mirandus NFTs to participate. This playtest is open to all. And, in fact, the Mirandus team says that the Tavern Games will always be open to everyone, even in the final release! However, you will need a Gala Games account to join, which is free to setup.

Players receive 30 copper coins every six hours to wager on the game. There is also a rumor that those who own Tavern NFTs will receive bonus copper coins, though it's not mentioned in the official announcement. Any copper coins won are test coins only and will be wiped after the event. However, there are still prizes for the best players.

At the end of the playtest, the top 10 players receive $500 worth of Materium (MTRM), the game currency for Mirandus. In addition, the top player receives an exclusive #1 First Edition Concept Genesis Tankard! This is a real-life, physical mug that the winner can proudly wield at home for all of their ale drinking!

Aside from getting another look at what the Mirandus team dev team has been working on, it will be interesting to compare the fun and gameplay of this Three-Eyed Snake game to the tavern games available in Champions Ascension.

What is Mirandus?

In development since 2020, Mirandus is an upcoming fantasy MMO and part of the Gala Games blockchain. Built with Unity, Mirandus is a first-person, open-world, fantasy MMO where players own everything. From the clothing on their backs to the shops in towns, to the towns themselves! Mirandus features a complex, interconnected economy where players take the roles of blacksmiths, hunters, and tavern keepers in addition to adventure seekers.

Adventurers will need food, armor repairs, and some potions before they go on their next adventure. The blacksmith needs wood from the woodcutter, while the butcher needs meat from the farmer. There are many production lines and players can enjoy being a farmer, an adventurer, a trader, or even a bard!

Players with land plots choose where to place it on the map. Close to a dungeon for more foot traffic? Or near a river for farming and trade? Or perhaps in a mountain pass to levy taxes on anyone who wants to pass through! When the game launches, there will be five citadels, the biggest cities in the game world. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade, and so on.

The game will feature free-to-play options when released.

Mirandus tavern concept art
Mirandus tavern concept art
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