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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Feb 10, 2022

Pegaxy Update — 3D Racing and Valentine's Day Breeding Event

Pegaxy just released the 3D version version of its horse racing game. This is one more step towards a more engaging game experience.
Pegaxy Update — 3D Racing and Valentine's Day Breeding Event

Pegaxy just released the 3D version version of its horse racing game. This is one more step towards a more engaging game experience where the horse's traits and the player's skills will have an impact on the race results.

Pegaxy recently became one of the most popular blockchain game. With high earning potentials and a well designed in-game marketplace and rental system, the game is for sure ahead of Derace, its main competitor.

While playing Pegaxy can be quite lucrative, the actual gameplay is not the most engaging. The race's results are totally random and the racing experience itself is limited to watching 2 dimensional images running across your screen.

2D Racing in Pegaxy

The launch of 3D racing marks a step towards a more engaging experience even if the change is only visual for now.Future releases will take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each Pega depending on the race conditions (wind, temperature, humidity,...). The game should also introduce some skill based features and move away even more from the current RNG (random number generator) model.

How to Enable 3D Racing in Pegaxy

3D racing requires at least 8GB of RAM, a stable internet connection and works best on Google Chrome. Mobile browsers are not yet supported, but this should be resolved once the mobile app will be launched.

To enable the 3D racing, you will need to click on your wallet and then on the "Enable 3D Gameplay" button. It is recommended to clear your browsers cache and relaunch it to experience the new version. If they prefer, players can revert to the 2D gameplay by selecting the 3D option in their wallet a second time. This is the best option for lower specs machines and for players who just want to focus on their earnings.

Click on your wallet and select Enable 3D gameplay option
Get ready to race in 3D

Valentine's Day Breeding Event

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the Pegaxy will sell some special tickets that will enable horse owners to get some special newborn Pegas.We do not have all the details at the moment but the tickets will upgrade the rarity of the newly born Pegas. These new horses should also look a little bit more "sprakly".

3 types of Valentine tickets will be available:

  • Legendary — Price: 29,999 VIS — Supply: 500 tickets
  • Epic — Price: 17,499 VIS — Supply: 1,000 tickets
  • Rare — Price: 6,666 VIS — Supply: 1,500 tickets

The sale will start on February 13th at 6PM (UTC+8) and will take place in the Pegaxy Marketplace.

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a Player v Player (PVP) horse racing game (horses based on Pegasus the mythical winged horse from Greek legend), which offers you several ways to be involved in the game and its ecosystem: Racing, breeding and renting. Each race has 12 horses running, with the top 3 horses receiving prizes in the game reward token VIS.

The Pegaxy Beta launch was in Q4 2021 with its marketplace, rental system and breeding programmes also arriving at this time. The long-term predominant focus for gameplay will be the mobile version as this gives the most flexible way to grow the userbase and fits within the team’s previous experience.

Learn more about Pegaxy and how to get started in our full game guide.

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