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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jan 9, 2023

Pegaxy Transitions to Player-Controlled Gameplay

Pegaxy transitions to player-controlled gameplay and soon, players will be able to manually control their Pegas on the race track.
Pegaxy Transitions to Player-Controlled Gameplay

The so-awaited moment finally arrives and Pegaxy transitions to player-controlled gameplay. Soon, players will be able to manually control their Pegas on the race track. This means that skill will become an important factor to achieve victory in every race. The days of just watching Pegas race will be over. While the team focuses on the transition most of the game's features like racing will be shut down.

That is right! We are in January and the team intends to launch player-controlled gameplay in Q1 of 2023. It can take up to three months before players can access all the features that are shut down, like fusing. The reason behind this decision is that the maintenance costs of the 2D game with only a few active players are no longer sustainable.

The team understands that turning off most of the game will cause doubt and uncertantity among the community. But, they are confident that the project will evolve and will go back to being a big hit in web3 Gaming. On their official Twitch channel users can watch Corey Wilton, CEO of the project, talking about this decision and answering some questions from the community.

But, there are still a few things that players can do while waiting for the reborn of Pegaxy. Below are the features that are still accessible and usable:

  • Marketplace
  • Themis
  • Apollo
  • My assets

Then there are features that are accessible but not usable like:

  • Breeding
  • Renting
  • Fusing
  • Token Swaps
  • Crafting
  • Using items
  • Crowning of Pega
  • Converting Silver VIS to Gold (Withdrawing via in-game)

And then, there are features that are completely shut down like:

  • Web and Mobile Racing
  • Ares
  • Stable Management
  • Change Name of Pega

What's Pegaxy?

Pegaxy so far has been a "play2earn" horse racing simulator where players earn the utility token $VIS when they finish a race in one of the top three positions. $VIS then has different utilities within the ecosystem. Now things are changing and Pegaxy will go from being a simulator to a real game where players control their NFT pegas.

I have always mentioned that Pegaxy as a simulator would not survive the harshness of crypto winter. By the stats of dapp radar we can see that users are leaving the ecosystem. When it comes to the game's assets, $VIS, $PGX and Pegas themselves, they are all worthless which is another indicator that players are not interested in playing the game. Now add the fact that the game will be turned off for two months to the equation, and from it, there are two possible results.

One and, in my opinion, the most likely scenario. The gameplay is not good enough to attract old and new players and Pegaxy dies completely. Second, the gameplay is actually engaging and the most die hard fans of the project come back with a few new players. Personally, I think it will die. I took a look into the footage and it does not look like it is that fun to play, so in the end, people will play just for financial reasons. But all Pegaxy assets are worthless so there will be no reason to play the game at all.

Wether Pegaxy goes to its grave or is reborn like the phoenix rests now in the hands of the team. I will leave you with a video with my personal opinion regarding Pegaxy in 2023.
Is It Still Worth to Play Pegaxy in 2023?
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