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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jul 11, 2024

Nexus Interactive Launches Web3 Ecosystem; Rebrands Aradena Battlegrounds to Everdawn: Champions

Aradena Battlegrounds, a web3 strategy game, made a surprise announcement recently, rebranding their game to Everdawn: Champions and placing it under the umbrella of their new organization, Nexus Interactive!
Nexus Interactive Launches Web3 Ecosystem; Rebrands Aradena Battlegrounds to Everdawn: Champions

After several years of development, the team behind Aradena Battlegrounds decided to shoot for loftier goals, spinning off a new parent company called Nexus Interactive, and rebranding and relaunching their turn-based, card collecting strategy game into the newly titled, Everdawn: Champions!

What is Nexus Interactive?

Nexus Interactive is the new parent company of Everdawn. But they want to do more than just create games. They want to build a web3 ecosystem that brings together different games, developers, and IPs.

They have their vision divided into three sections, Nexus Play, their gaming development studio, Nexus Build, a support service for developers wanting to join the Nexus ecosystem, and Nexus Share, a program to help empower and reward the community.

Nexus Interactive already has two other games lined up for publishing with Nexus Build, SpellRocks and Portal 13. And they have plans for Nexus Share programs to launch later this year.

In addition to Everdawn, Nexus Play also has a web-based game called QuestingRealm where players can earn points and other rewards for social tasks, and Snap Royale, an in-development, fantasy, battle-royale game.

Nexus Interactive plans to launch a token called NXI. NXI will function as an ecosystem token for Nexus Interactive and a governance token for the ecosystem, with opportunities to earn passive income by staking and yield farming the token.

You can learn more about Nexus Interactive on their new website.

Nexus Share plans for Q3 2024
Nexus Share plans for Q3 2024

Aradena Battlegrounds is now Everdawn: Champions

As part of this launch, Aradena Battlegrounds now becomes Everdawn: Champions. Everdawn will encompass the larger world and ecosystem, of which Aradena is now just one kingdom, making way for potential, future expansions.

Everdawn: Champions will be a 3D, tactical, trading card game, presumably the same or similar to what we already saw with Aradena Battlegrounds.

The currently existing Aradena NFTs will migrate to Base at some point in the future, and NFT holders will also have an opportunity to claim a token airdrop.

Those who have card packs for Aradena Battlegrounds will get to open those beginning on July 11th. Card NFTs found within these packs will be minted on the Base chain. Unfortunately, even though July 11th is nearly upon us, the Nexus team hasn’t yet given us a link or a specific time for the opening of these packs.

Additionally, Nexus Interactive plans to hold a playtest weekend for Everdawn: Champions, sometime soon, with an open beta launch not long after on Epic Games!

fight for glory in Everdawn: Champions
fight for glory in Everdawn: Champions

What is Everdawn: Champions?

We actually don’t have a lot of info about Everdawn: Champions. But from the description and the trailer, it looks like it will be the same as, or at least very close to, Aradena Battlegrounds.

Everdawn: Champions is a free to play, turn-based, fantasy, one on one, strategy combat game. Each player has a Golem that marches across the board towards the opposing team. The goal of the game is to bring your opponent’s Golem’s health to zero before they do so to yours!

Before heading off to combat, players assemble a deck of cards, made of Units, Spells, and Warriors. Warriors are the Genesis NFTs of the Ardena collection and provide various bonuses and abilities. Players build and train their army of NFTs and battle other players for loot chest rewards. Loot chests include tokens and NFT collectables which players may trade through the in-house marketplace, or add to their army.

Everdawn will let players merge multiple copies of a card to create an upgraded ‘shiny’ version. Which can be traded on the NFT markets.

Keep an eye on their social channels for more info about the playtest and NFT migration.

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