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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Oct 27, 2022

New Mini-game for Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension brings us more game 'Slice of Massina' game previews this week, with a new mini-game called Dudo.
New Mini-game for Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension continues to bring new life to their 'Slice of Massina' game previews. With an increasing portfolio of mini-games and the first version of their gladiator fighting game on the horizon, Champions seems well on their way to launching their virtual world.

Already offering a shared world with unique avatars based on NFTs and a drunken race that happens right in the middle of the town, Champions Ascension continues to expand their selection of in-game mini-games.

Slice of Massina Mini-games

a game of Dudo
a game of Dudo

The latest mini-game addition to the game world is a dice rolling and bluffing game called Dudo. Players roll dice, and then, knowing only their total of their own dice, begin guessing the total of all player's dice. Each player has to increase the number guessed as turns pass around the table, until someone thinks that number has gotten too high and calls out 'LO DUDO!' There is also a newly implemented rule called Wild Aces with some more complex calculations involving any "1" rolls. You can view the complete rules in-game. For this and any of the mini-games, actually. Which is pretty cool.

They still have Drunk Racing, where players drink beers as their view and character control become increasingly erratic. Also Crab Racing, which is my current favorite. Matches take under a minute with a 15 second break in between. The game is spectate only, but still fun to watch. And I'm totally down for owning and breeding crabs for these races!

There is also another mini-game near release. Something to do with the flower shop. We don't know anything about it yet, but I look forward to seeing what the team brings us next!

Champions Ascension crab racing
race Crabs for fun and tickets

We've seen a number of in development projects create mini-games to keep their players entertained. But we don't see many actually put them into their game world. And even in a lore accurate manner! These aren't web3 mini-games. These are events your characters are participating in, within the game world! This is definitely an impressive production from Champions Ascension. They seem to be all in on building a full, virtual world to host their fighting game. And so far, they are off to a great start!

The game isn't open 24/7 yet, but they do have regular sessions. Keep an eye on their Discord and Twitter for announcements about game availability.

Elemental Eternal Free Mint

Elemental Eternal info sheet
Elemental Eternal info sheet

Champions Ascension is offering a free NFT mint towards the end of the year (2022) for those holding Prime Eternal NFTs. This batch is known as the Elemental Eternals. There will only be 10,000 of them, with a majority of those going to Prime Eternal holders. These will be playable characters, provide access to the early game previews, and offer other game benefits. They will also have exclusive, 'Sublime' body parts, that cannot be inherited by offspring and which will never be released again!

And though the team has promised for the free mint to happen by the end of the year, they haven't said when or where the remaining Elemental Eternals will be released. Since there are only 7.6k Prime Eternals, that should leave another 2.4k Elemental Eternals available.

But, if you want to guarantee access to an Elemental Eternal, you can pick up a Prime Eternal on Open Sea.

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is an upcoming, gladiatorial combat game built inside a virtual world. Though the 3D combat was the original selling point, and the centerpiece of the game, Champions Ascension is also building an open world around it. One where players can walk around and interact, that includes crafting, breeding, land ownership, an in-game marketplace, a staking system, mini-games, and more!

Champions Ascension held an initial sale of Prime Eternals in early 2022. With only 7,622 in existence, Prime Eternals grant many benefits that other characters won’t receive. This includes guaranteed land mints, special breeding options, early access, and, recently released, an airdrop of Pet NFTs. Prime Eternals are generative NFTs with varying attributes that function as in-game characters and as profile picture NFTs.

Champions Ascension is currently running regular game previews for Prime Eternal NFT holders. These events, known as Slice of Massina, offer various mini-games. Play games to win tickets and purchase special items.

fighting preview screenshot
fight, fight!
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