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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 5, 2022

Nest Eternal Dragons for Rewards

Players who nest their Dragons in Eternal Dragons will soon be able to earn Eternium rewards in addition to egg fragments.
Nest Eternal Dragons for Rewards

Eternal Dragons has been slowly going through their initial Dragon sale, putting up a new class of Dragons for sale each week. Now, they're nearly done with the sale of Genesis Dragons. But the fun is just beginning. Players with multiple Dragons can 'Nest' them for rewards in the form of Descendant Egg fragments and Eternium, the game token / currency.

Eternal Dragons prepares to release their ninth batch of 1,000 Dragon NFTs on September 6th. This penultimate Genesis sale features Guardian Dragons, protectors of the flock. If you're not already on the Priority Whitelist, you are likely too late for this round. These sales go quickly.But there may still be a chance to get in on the mint for the final batch. Keep and eye on the Eternal Dragons' Twitter account and Discord server for potential opportunities.

But, for those who already have a stable of Dragons, or are interested in building one, then you might want to know about the Nesting system in Eternal Dragons.

Eternal Dragons Nesting

The Eternal Dragons Nesting system is a soft staking program that rewards holders with Descendant Eggs. The nesting program began on August 10th, and runs for 10 weeks, or until the initial batch of 500 eggs has been distributed. Players earn egg fragments by completing Nesting Quests. These involve holding a certain number of Dragons in your wallet. The nesting periods begin on Wednesday, and run for exactly one week. Players must hold the Dragons in their wallet for the entire week.

Eggs won't be given out until the end of the nesting season, so the fragments accumulate. You can only receive whole eggs (ie, 1.75 fragments collected will yield 1 egg). Descendant Eggs are for generating the second generation of Eternal Dragon NFTs. However, it's not free of cost. In addition to finding two Genesis Dragons to fertilize the egg, players will also have to spend Eternium, the primary game token for Eternal Dragons.

But never fear! Now Dragon holders can also earn Eternium tokens with their nests. Players with nesting Dragons will need to Tweet about their nest each week to earn rewards. Players should use the 'Tweet to Nest' button found on their gallery page before 12:59pm CEST on Tuesday to be eligible for rewards that week. Eternium rewards are based on the rarity of the Nest, and the number of retweets the player receives. Just a single retweet will double the rewards, while ten retweets will triple them!

What is Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons is an auto-battler game built on the Solana blockchain with Dragons as combat units. With numerous different classes, position-based abilities, and elemental affinities, Eternal Dragon is sure to offer plenty of room for different strategies and team builds. Dragons have basic stats of hit points, elemental power (magic damage), and physical power (physical damage).

Eternal Dragons jewel
class skill sets and ‘neighbors’

In addition, units in Eternal Dragons have a number of other attributes that affect their combat abilities. First each has a default skill. This is the basic, and most often used skill for that Dragon. It can be an attack, heal, buff/debuff, or even some combination. Units also have prime stats they prefer. This will matter when players add items to units, as matching items to prime stats will provide better combat value. Dragons also have Skill Sets and Class Skills. Skill Set is a collection of abilities. Only Dragons with matching Skill Sets can use those abilities. And, as you might guess, Class Skills are specific to certain Dragon Classes.

Also, each Dragon class has certain other classes that it enjoys pairing with. These are known as “neighboring dragons”. Neighboring Dragons share Skill Sets. And they will tend to have class skills and abilities that harmonize well together. Dragons also receive bonuses from sharing affinities with teammates. Each NFT has an associated affinity such as Earth, Air, or Void.

Eternal Dragons Roar Mechanics Details
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