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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Feb 27, 2021

NBA Top Shot Introduces Pre-Orders for Base Packs

In order to deal with the growth of their platform, NBA Top Shot is going to introduce pre-orders for their card packs.
NBA Top Shot Introduces Pre-Orders for Base Packs

In order to deal with the growth of their platform, NBA Top Shot is going to introduce pre-orders for their card packs. In addition they warned users that anybody who's caught using multiple accounts, will see their card packs confiscated and accounts frozen. Now that's quite interesting.

After selling out their 11 thousand $99 premium packs yesterday, NBA Top Shot announced another pack drop for this Saturday. This time it will be a 9 dollar Series 2 Base Pack and the NBA Top Shot pre-orders will begin on February 27th at 10 AM PST, better known as 18:00 UTC.

At least, that's when the queue begins. Collectors must queue before 22:00 UTC to be allowed to pre-order. Yes, this is a pre-order, because the actual pack drop will happen two weeks later.

The Series 2 Base Set will contain 154 collectible moments. This particular drop will only have 52 different ones. This means that future pack drops will add these other moments.

NBA Top Shot account ban

If NBA Top Shot is on the blockchain, how can they take your packs? Good question. I don't really have an answer, unless a pack is considered a digital voucher. In that case the minting process of the cards won't start until the packs have been opened. Since this pre-order starts now and distribution won't happen for another two weeks, they have time to investigate.

Shutting you out from your NBA Top Shot account isn't that hard. Users login using their e-mail address, so that's a matter of disabling login options. Normally users should be able to keep access to their blockchain wallet, but in NBA Top Shot you don't know your blockchain wallet. You don't receive a private key or wallet address, all you have is an user name.

The platform goes connect users to their Dapper account, but also there it doesn't show a blockchain wallet address. From a product design perspective it's brilliant: embracing freedom of trading and ownership, while still maintaining control of your business and audience. From the idealistic perspective of openness and decentralization however, it's not that great. Rotating back to the pre-order, it's great to give everybody an equal chance on this. I guess you win some, you lose some.

Millions in trading

Every day collectors spend millions on these digital collectibles. This week we wrote about NBA Top Shot doing $34.8 million dollars in trading within 24 hours. With 30 thousand buyers per day, they have the most active marketplace in the blockchain space. In addition one single collectible sold for $208.000.

The marketplace for their digital collectible NFTs is on fire, and over the weekend even actual NBA players joined in the fun as they streamed their unpacking live on Twitch. Over the past 30 days NBA Top Shot had 187 million dollars in trading, and $131 million of that happened in the past week.

Power of NBA Top Shot

The strength of the project is twofold. First of all Dapper Labs made the Flow blockchain so that it’s easy to join NBA Top Shot. Users will have no problems with private keys and gas fees. Many users are praising the interface made by Dapper Labs on social media.

Second, these digital collectibles are officially licensed by the NBA. They are the real deal and feature stars like for example LeBron James, Spencer Dinwiddie and many more. These collectibles come in different rarities. Because of this prices for collectibles go from 20 dollar all the way to thousands of dollars. Many collectors want to get in early, before the mainstream audience comes in and really pumps prices.

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