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Anvi Saini
Anvi Saini
Jun 18, 2024

Moonray Free-to-Play Alpha Coming Soon

Moonray's free-to-play alpha release is on the horizon, offering players an exciting glimpse into its intense, post-apocalyptic sci-fi world.
Moonray Free-to-Play Alpha Coming Soon

Moonray, the much-anticipated third-person PvP game, is gearing up for its free-to-play alpha launch. This marks a major milestone for the game, inviting players to dive into its immersive post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. Here’s what you need to know about the alpha release and a comprehensive guide to the game itself.

Moonray Alpha Release

Moonray's alpha phase offers a taste of its intense melee combat and strategic gameplay. Also, players will have the opportunity to experience the game’s core mechanics, explore its intricately designed maps, and compete in various game modes. This early access is crucial for gathering player feedback and refining the game before its full release.

Moving ahead, registration for the Play-to-Airdrop campaign starts on June 24th. Therefore, participants in this campaign can earn modifiers by completing weekly social actions and will also be entered into a draw to win a $4,000 gaming PC. Not to forget, Foundation NFT holders will receive airdrop modifiers and a future bonus that has yet to be announced. Additionally, both Foundation and Genesis NFT skins are set to receive a massive graphical overhaul soon.

For competitive players, a weekly challenge will be available where the top 1,000 players on the leaderboard can earn considerable bonuses based on their placement. This feature aims to reward skillful play and encourage players to rise through the ranks.

About Moonray

Moonray is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, blending intense combat with a rich narrative. Here, players are drawn into a world that has survived an apocalypse, filled with echoes of a once-thriving culture. The game's story revolves around players fighting to win favors from the gods, adding a mythical dimension to its robust combat and exploration elements.

Gameplay and Features

To begin, Moonray’s combat system is designed to be accessible for newcomers while offering depth for seasoned gamers. It features a mix of melee and ranged attacks, with each weapon providing unique combo sequences and special moves.

  • Melee Weapons: Players can choose from weapons like the agile sabre or the powerful cleaver. Each weapon has distinct combo sequences and special moves, making timing and strategy crucial.
  • Ranged Weapons: The blaster and cannon allow for tactical engagements from a distance. The blaster is ideal for precise, long-range shots, while the cannon deals explosive damage, perfect for disrupting groups of enemies.
  • Grappling Hook: This feature enables dynamic movement across the map, allowing players to escape danger, close in on enemies, or reach strategic vantage points. The grappling hook adds a layer of strategic depth to the game.

Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch: A free-for-all mode where players compete to rack up the highest number of kills. Quick reflexes and constant awareness are key.
  • Team Deathmatch: Teams compete against each other, requiring coordination and strategy. Balancing aggressive tactics with defensive maneuvers is essential.
  • Objective-Based Modes: These modes include tasks such as capturing points or completing specific goals. Players must work together to achieve objectives while fending off enemies.

Secondly, Moonray features carefully designed maps that play a critical role in the strategy and outcome of each match. For example:

  • Sky Hands Map: Requires skillful navigation of its vertical layout and floating platforms.
  • Coliseum and Half Men’s Arena: Feature a blend of open areas and narrow choke points, ideal for strategic ambushes or direct confrontations.

Thirdly, Maps also contain interactive elements like explosive barrels or dynamic obstacles such as collapsing bridges, influencing the flow of combat and requiring players to adapt their strategies.

Notably, players can progress through levels, unlocking new weapons, character skins, and other cosmetic items. Customization allows players to personalize their experience and stand out in the arena.

How To Get Started?

Moonray is still in its early stages of development, but interested players can add the game to their wishlist on the Epic Games Store. For those seeking early playtest opportunities, acquiring the Foundation Pass NFT is beneficial as it grants access to most playtest sessions.

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