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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 21, 2021

Monster Catching MMO Untamed Isles To Implement NFTs

Untamed Isles will allow players to mint certain items and all monsters to trade or sell them on the marketplace as well as on an in-game auction house.
Monster Catching MMO Untamed Isles To Implement NFTs

An upcoming MMORPG named Untamed Isles will allow players to mint certain items and all monsters to trade or sell them on the marketplace as well as on an in-game auction house. Game studio Phat Loot Studios currently runs a Kickstarter campaign for the game, which they expect to deliver in December.

The blockchain elements of Untamed Isles will be in the background, and players don't need to interact with NFTs at all to play the game. However, the developers allow users to mint certain items and all monsters, and then sell them on an NFT marketplace. They have partnered with DirePlay Marketplace for that.

Untamed Isles is a monster hunting and taming, turn-based MMORPG. The game world will allow players to fight, train and breed new creatures. It's also a game about being seen, as the game offers opportunities to showcase your monsters, earn titles, achievements, and compete for rankings. Of course there's no better way to showcase your achievements in your own in-game house. Untamed Isles will have a strong social element.

Monsters in Untamed Isles

The game will add new islands to explore over time, adding new creatures and perhaps seasonal content. Every creature or monster in this game consists of 7 body parts, determining their strengths and weaknesses. This also makes the monsters quite unique. Every tamed monster also gets a 'mood', of which there are 15 different ones. These will be determined by the time, location and for example weather conditions of when a player found this monster.

Train your monster through PvP & PvE encounters gaining experience and levels, the tame leveling system in Untamed Isles is integrated into tame hunting, daily activities, and more to take the edge off the work required to max level each tame in your team. Battles are turn-based encounters between monsters. There are hundreds of moves options with customized mutations based on a monster's stats and body parts. Cool thing, everybody in the game world can watch these battles and comment through live voice chat.

Social elements

Untamed Isles has been designed to be a cooperative multiplayer experience allowing gamers to play through features of the game solo or with up to 2 other friends. It also has a guild system with a roadmap to guild-driven events and tournaments. Guilds also have a leveling system with perks and benefits. For those players who like to risk and play for high rewards, they can move into The Wild. However, they risk to lose their pets and their items forever.

Personal and guild player housing is a strong feature in the Isles as players will have access to unlock a personal houseboat with practical perks and choices that can improve the quality of life for a player. These perks include additional breeding pits, passive training pens, passive gem earning, and for example additional storage for items and monsters. In-land housing slots are limited and very rare but a great way to show off and enable passive income from sharing the perks with other tamers. We can all imagine these will be NFTs.

Phat Loot Studios wants to launch Untamed Isles into early access on Steam in December. For a lot more details I'd advice you to check out the Kickstarter, which will end on September 25th.

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