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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
May 14, 2022

Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet Launch Report and First Mining Event

Here is a report on Mines Of Dalarnia mainnet launch and more information about the upcoming mining events.
Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet Launch Report and First Mining Event

Mines of Dalarnia officially launched their Mainnet on the BNB chain, thanks to their partnership with Binance and Chromia, which helped them establish safe and reliable connections to the blockchain and avoid exploits. 

Following an extensive testing period, and three successful land sales (with the top plot sold for over 1 million dollars), Mines of Dalarnia, also named MoD, released their game on the mainnet on schedule, on the 26th of April 2022.

After a few intense weeks, the team shared some insights on how the release is going and what was next for the game. 

Mines of Dalarnia and the Crypto Crash

All dApps and crypto tokens have been impacted by the recent market crash. Mines of Dalarnia are not different, and their $DAR token fell down to $0.4 at the time of writing, less than half the pre-crash value. 

The NFTs correlated with the game, such as plots and resources, are also affected. Users are earning less, and exchanging assets became harder as well. 

The developers themselves admitted the economy right now can’t be considered stable, and that they’re working to make it sustainable long-term. To follow the updates, we suggest joining their Telegram Channel, where they share daily updates.

Challenges with Bots

Setting aside the market crash and tokenomics, the launch was a discrete success for the Mines of Dalarnia team and their community, after a bouncy start due to slow BNB transactions and some users having difficulties claiming their lands.

In the first week alone, the game got 8,000+ active players completing over 310,000 mining sessions. The team even had to set up special maintenance to pair up with the demand. 

However, great outcomes do not always come without issues. Mines of Dalarnia got a lot of video evidence of bots profiting from the game. The team investigated the likely cause of such exploits after receiving several complaints.

The game doesn’t have any flaws in its smart contracts, and the reliability of the project is undoubtedly high after the listing on KuCoin and with Binance listing it for more trades. 

According to MoD, all client-based games will face similar problems in the future, as long as the game implements rankings based on farming mechanisms. In Mines of Dalarnia, players mine resources, which may then be sold to the centralized market or through the secondary exchanges to other players.

Scoring high in the leaderboard for a particular mine run gives players great incentives, hence people created bots to auto-mine in the land plots they need, ripping off other players.

The team will deal with such annoyances by creating a long-term strategy rating based on the players' real valuable decisions, rather than the amount of time they spent playing or how much they harvested on a certain piece of land.

Mining Events

In order to balance out the gameplay and tokenomics, Mines of Dalarnia announced new features and events to release more resources in the ecosystem. 

The events might be available every update, but there’s no official confirmation. The current one is named “Quicksilver Mine”. 

MoD’s first limited-time mining event introduces the Quicksilver Terraforming Capsule. Terraform your land with this instead of a standard capsule to add a new temporary depth: The Quicksilver Mine.

Quicksilver Mines can be explored by adventurers with a PL (Power Level) of 10 or greater and award a new, unique resource: Quicksilver Ore. This resource will not be tradable on the DEX and can only be obtained by mining.

Participating in the minting event will provide players with a competitive edge and bragging rights over mint-specific NFTs, which may become more valuable in the future.

From now on, the team is committed to participating in more marketing-led initiatives and spreading the word about Mines of Dalarnia. By increasing the user base, they will likely be able to slightly offset the effects of the crypto market crash, and keep building their ambitious project.

Mines of Dalarnia video review

What is Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a free browser-based P2E (play to earn) adventure game developed by Chromia Studios and Workinman Interactive. The game requires players to collect artifacts, relics, and materials by mining which they can use to upgrade their gear and characters. You have to race with time to mine artifacts, fight with monsters and upgrade your abilities. 

The World of Dalarnia has many mines full of minerals and resources. There are different terrains and secrets in the game that players need to uncover. Players can buy in-game plots using NFTS and rent them too. 

The game features four regions: Ice, Darkness, Lava, and Terra. Since Mines Of Dalarnia is a play-to-earn game, players can win tokens in multiple ways by completing in-game quests, inviting friends to play, or winning competitions to get DAR tokens which is the governance currency of the world of Dalarnia. Anyone can access the game from their browser without downloading the game.

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