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Oct 6, 2023

MetaShooter Transforms into Win to Earn

MetaShooter is ushering in a gaming revolution by adopting the Win to Earn (W2E) model starting October 6th. This innovative approach rewards players based on victories, injecting higher stakes and competition into gameplay. PC users can anticipate the W2E feature in early 2024.
MetaShooter Transforms into Win to Earn

MetaShooter is embarking on a transformative journey that will reshape the gaming landscape. Starting October 6th, the game is evolving from Play to Earn to the dynamic and competitive model of Win to Earn (W2E). This groundbreaking shift introduces a new level of challenge and engagement for players, revolutionizing their gaming experience.

With Win to Earn (W2E), MetaShooter is redefining how rewards are earned. Unlike traditional gaming models where players are rewarded for participation, W2E raises the stakes. In this revamped system, players must not only play but also win to unlock rewards. It adds a thrilling layer of competition, where skills and strategies become pivotal for success. W2E creates a leveled playing field where dedication and talent reign supreme.

MetaShooter's Adaptation

To align with the W2E model, MetaShooter is disabling in-game rewards on PC. Instead, players can monitor their progress and rewards via the challenge dashboard, fostering a spirit of competition within the community. This change not only enhances gameplay but also ensures the ecosystem's sustainability.

MetaShooter is introducing a new MHUNT token burn mechanism. A portion of the W2E rewards will be burned, reducing the MHUNT token supply. This reduction strengthens the token's value, contributing to a robust economy and solidifying players' investments.

The W2E model is currently under rigorous testing for the impending MetaShooter Mobile version launch on October 6th. PC users can anticipate the W2E feature in early 2024, guaranteeing all players, regardless of their platform, can experience this thrilling gameplay dynamic. Challenges and promotions are also getting a makeover to align with the W2E model, offering hunters new opportunities to demonstrate their skills and reap the rewards.

Balancing the Game

For those eager to explore the upcoming MetaShooter Mobile version, here's a glimpse of what to expect:

  • FFA (Free-For-All): No hunters are added to your balance; your scores contribute solely to the leaderboard.
  • W2E (Win-To-Earn): Up to four players can participate, each investing 20 units, with the victor claiming 64.
  • PVP (Player vs. Player): Limited to two players, each contributing 20 units, with the winner receiving 32.

Players should note that starting the game deducts 20 HUNTERS from their balance. If a game isn't initiated, the HUNTERS are returned within an hour. However, if the game commences and a player exits, experiences a crash, or loses, the HUNTERS will not be refunded. Smooth internet and charged batteries are essential for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

In Conclusion

These changes herald a more engaging and rewarding era for MetaShooter players while bolstering the value of MHUNT tokens. Stay tuned for thrilling updates and get ready to embrace the future of gaming with MetaShooter's Win to Earn model.

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