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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Feb 17, 2021

MegaCryptoPolis Moving from Tron to Polygon

MegaCryptoPolis is migrating its gaming map from the Tron blockchain to Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network.
MegaCryptoPolis Moving from Tron to Polygon

MegaCryptoPolis is migrating its gaming map from the Tron blockchain to Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network. They will implement the shift in direction starting from March 3rd. According to a blog post recent changes on the Tron blockchain resulted in increased costs for running certain game mechanics.

Switching from Tron to Polygon will guarantee that complex actions like creating citizen tokens and constructing complex buildings will remain free for all players of MegaCryptoPolis. The game will move over citizens, pets, cars, resource packs, and appliances. This is a similar move as when they moved over from Ethereum to Matic last year.

However, while MegaCryptoPolis is moving over to Polygon, it's not abandoning Tron entirely. Ownership over the land plots and districts as well as the MEGA token remain where they are. That means that people still buy, rent, trade and upgrade their land on the Tron blockchain.

The developers promise that the migration will be seamless. Sure, the game will be offline from March 1st, but two days later players can continue playing and the user experience will remain the same.

MegaCryptoPolis World upgrade

At the moment MegaCryptoPolis is all about a city on the blockchain where players can have their avatar run their lives, operate businesses and so on. However, later this year the team will implement a gigantic update, often referred to as the World upgrade.

The game will get a new layer of gamplay where players can walk their citizen down on the streets of the game world. They can drive their own car, which will be an NFT, and decorate their own appartement. A first demo of the new game mode will be shown this Spring.

Players will be able to create their own custom buildings. These are not part of the game's economy and don't produce any resources. However, players are able to go inside. Each buildings consists out of blocks, and landowners can set access settings for these blocks. For example, public, private, corporate or only when you have an NFT key. A custom building can be placed on one land plot, but people who own multiple connected land plots can build bigger and higher buildings. There will not be any limitations in the shape of these combined land plots, as long as they are connected.

What is MegaCryptoPolis?

You could compare MegaCryptoPolis with a game like Simcity, however it also has elements from The Sims in it. Players can own houses, offices, and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produces resources, and so on. All these digital assets are important for the MegaCryptoPolis ecosystem.

In addition the team is planning to add interior apartments to the game. This would mean that player-owned characters would have their own home, which could be decorate with furniture and electronics. These will also be ERC-721 or TRC20 tokens, which in turn need to be produced by factories, requiring resources, workers, transport and so on.

Currently MegaCryptoPolis is only playable in a web browser, both on desktop and mobile. In addition the team is working on a standalone client, a mobile app, interoperability between Tron, Polygon and Ethereum and more unique buildings that players can design themselves using building blocks.

MegaCryptoPolis isn’t a new game. The game already allows players to earn money by trading and being active. In the past two years gamers have withdrawn 4.5 million dollars of value from the game’s smart contracts. We’re talking about 8000 ETH and 45 million TRX.

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