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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jun 20, 2021

Lost Relics Unleashes Massive Update with New Adventures

Dungeon crawling MMO Lost Relics on Enjin has released a huge update, adding new features and adventures, bringing the total to 15.
Lost Relics Unleashes Massive Update with New Adventures

Lost Relics, the dungeon crawling MMO built on Enjin, has released a huge update, adding new features and adventures, bringing the total to 15. Once inside the new dungeons and adventures new surprises await. Some rooms may be traps, locking the players inside until the monsters are defeated. There will also be mini-bosses to fight, new loot to discover, and old foes strengthened to provide a more challenging experience.

With this update, Lost Relics boasts 30 new monsters. The developers have promoted some monsters to mini-boss status. Others have received the ability to summon allies to fight by their side. Monster damage and health values received some tweaks, so any returning players would be wise to proceed cautiously at first.

To battle these new foes, a number of new weapon drops have been added to the game. Players can now find Rare items such as the Scorpion Stinger, the Epic Scarcarver, and the Legendary sword Black Death!

Both players and monsters can now score critical hits (extra damage) when attacking, so be sure to stock up on healing items before any adventure! The interface for Explosive items has been improved to show damage range and an estimated countdown. Poison and Stun effects now have a chance to apply rather than occurring with every attack.

Bows have been broken into two categories -- the longbow, which offers more range and damage, and the shortbow, useful for quick attacks. All existing weapons have undergone a stat adjustment. Players can now see more details about their weapon damage values by holding down the SHIFT-button before hovering over an item.

Player Quality of Life Changes

This latest update to Lost Relics includes a number of additional interface and quality of game improvements. For example, when transferring items, players can hold down the CTRL key to exclude tools. This helps players to avoid accidentally offloading their tools when transferring loot to their stash. They can also filter their Stash by Adventure type to aid in quickly grabbing the appropriate equipment for the job.

Daily Rewards got a small update, and there is a new Mystery Reward for those dutiful warriors who complete at least one Adventure a day for seven days in a row. The countdown timer for the Daily Rewards claim will be based on each character and when they started their quest. This means players can sync to their own schedules rather than the server's schedule.

Player titles now have a rarity, which come in specific colors. Player profiles are accessible on the web where you can view a player's current equipment and their skills.

Marketplace Updates

The Lost Relics marketplace is undergoing a number of changes. The biggest is that it will now run on Shadowstones. Shadowstones allow you to trade blockchain-based items at the Royal Emporium and players can purchase these with JENJ from the Enjin wallet. By the way, JENJ is the Jumpnet version of ENJ, which players can convert in the Enjin wallet. Both the Shadowstones and the marketplace changes will come online shortly after the latest update.

The Town Emporium has moved to a more central location. The patch notes also mention that sometimes things in the town may change in small ways and that players should keep an eye out for secrets that may come and go! Very intriguing!

The Emporium will now display an icon for the type of currency, as well as other details such as any trading fees.

Cash in your Stampede tokens

For anyone who is still hoarding Stampede tokens from the event two years ago, you will have one final chance to turn them in. Players can exchange six (6) tokens and claim 'The Lost Stampeder' a rare two-handed sword. This opportunity will only last for one week after the update. Once the deadline has passed, any unclaimed Stampeder swords become part of the general loot pool, and the remaining Stampede tokens will become collector's items only!

The addition of Boss Monsters and fiat payments are still in development and expected to land sometime in the near future. The team is currently working on building a new patch to address some player issues that have come up with this latest update.

You can read all the details about this and other Lost Relics patches at and keep Play To Earn bookmarked to stay up on all of the latest blockchain gaming news!

What is Lost Relics?

Lost Relics is a blockchain-powered dungeon crawler. The adventures you embark on are dangerous and you’ll need your weapons and skills as you venture on your quest! In this third-person action role-playing game, adventurers need to defeat monsters, find loot and make it to the end of the maze. One mistake could lose players a fortune.

There is loot of unimaginable value to find and each dungeon is unique with well over four billion variations. Hack and slash your way through undiscovered lands on your quest for loot. Each chest players stumble across is a chance at discovering some of the rarest artifacts in the universe!

The items in Lost Relics are a mixture of Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens (digital goods and collectibles). Each item has a limited supply making them provably rare and unique and give you the confidence that the ERC-1155 crypto-collectible you hold is truly a limited item without a possibility to create more.

In towns, players can explore the universe, find information for quests and start encounters, dungeons, and events. Encounters will happen occasionally, while events are seasonal. Dungeons will always be there and offer endless variation in design, enemies, and loot.

Learn more about Lost Relics and how to get started in the game in our Lost Relics game guide.

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