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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
May 17, 2023

Life Beyond Economy and Tokenomics

Life Beyond released some details regarding their plans for the economic system of Life Beyond, which includes off-chain and on-chain transactions.
Life Beyond Economy and Tokenomics

Life Beyond released a recent blog post outlining their plans for the game economy, including tokenomics, and how they plan to bring in players who don't have, and perhaps don't even want, any blockchain experience.

The Life Beyond economy rests on three principles -- gaming activity on a side-chain, a custodial wallet for frictionless, in-game, transactions, and a dual-currency system.

Like many other web3 projects these days, Life Beyond is building with an eye towards making their game frictionless to play, and bringing in new players from the web2 world. Part of effort includes offering a gaming experience that has no requirements for maintaining a personal wallet, or interacting directly with the blockchain. This will be accomplished by hosting most of the game activities on a side-chain, and providing an in-game, custodial wallet for all players.

Players can participate in Life Beyond, without every having to worry about on-chain tokens and NFTs if they want.

Life Beyond Tokenomics

Life Beyond will feature a two token system. These tokens are DOLS and an unnamed token that is currently referred to as FT (Fungible Token). DOLS will be an in-game currency only. It can be exchanged for FT in-game, but will never exist anywhere else. Meanwhile, the other token (FT), will be transferrable between the game's custodial wallet, and traditional wallets on the mainchain via a bridge.

Most of the basic game functions will be kept to the sidechain and use DOLS as the currency. This includes player progression, building infrastructure, purchases on the in-game markets, and trading goods and services between players.

The FT token will be used for any NFT interactions such as repairing NFT items, crafting, minting, decorations, pets, etc. They will offer various items on their own marketplace, payable in FT. This can include items such as Land plots, Mystery Boxes, and other goodies. FT will also be used for staking. FT token staking can increase DOL emissions from land ownership, and will offer access to exclusive items in-game. And finally, FT will also serve as a governance token, letting players vote on decisions regarding the future of Life Beyond.

Life Beyond in-game economic loop
Life Beyond in-game economic loop

The Hub

Though their alpha playtest closed some time ago, Life Beyond has opened up 'The Hub'. The Hub is a social space for players to interact and show off their characters, clothing, and equipment. This will be the central space for the main game and it already includes a couple of features. One is the Founder's Terminal - a tribute plaque with the names of the first 500 Founders to join Life Beyond. The Hub also includes a terminal, with slides and information about the flora and fauna -- information that players discovered during the alpha playtests and which they can now peruse at their leisure!

There aren't many clothing options yet. But players with the Agent Zero Jackets can wear those on their avatars in The Hub. Players can download The Hub here.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a free-to-play, play-and-earn, FPS-style MMORPG with a third-person view. In Life Beyond, players are citizens of the Dolos Planet, an alien world around a distant star. During the first alpha, players worked to clear and defend land for the first settlement. Along the way they encountered a variety of hostile wildlife, many of them similar to giant, alien roaches!

The game follows the lore, with reasoning for the alpha events and shutdowns written in as part of the storyline. Players go on solo or group Missions for experience and rewards. But while doing so, they also help contribute towards larger, community goals which open up new events and prizes.

Players have four classes to choose from, each with a different weapon selection. Try them out on solo missions or sign up for group missions to receive greater rewards.

To learn more about Life Beyond, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Life Beyond 2023 roadmap
Life Beyond 2023 roadmap
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