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Sep 18, 2023

Laguna Games Announces Shadow Forge Leaderboard and Launch

Laguna Games, a pioneer in blockchain gaming, reveals the Shadow Forge Leaderboard and the launch of Shadow Forge within the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem. This release marks a significant step towards faction warfare, where players stake Shadowcorns to craft minions in preparation for epic battles in Twilight Tactics.
Laguna Games Announces Shadow Forge Leaderboard and Launch

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming, Laguna Games has taken a significant step by revealing the Shadow Forge Leaderboard, along with the launch of Shadow Forge, an exciting addition to the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem. This development sets the stage for an epic faction-based warfare between the righteous Unicorns and the sinister Shadowcorns.

The narrative unfolds as the enigmatic Shadowcorns, residing in the Dark Forest, intensify their efforts to reclaim territory from the advancing Unicorns. Unable to reproduce, the Shadowcorns resort to dark magic, giving birth to Shadow Forges capable of crafting disposable minions for their malevolent purposes.

Shadowcorn Gameplay Unveiled

With this announcement, Laguna Games introduces key gameplay elements, bringing Shadowcorns closer to faction warfare. Players will stake their valuable Shadowcorns to reap rewards, enabling them to manufacture an array of minions with varying classes and efficiency.

These minions will play a pivotal role in the upcoming "Twilight Tactics" release, where Unicorn and Shadowcorn holders will vie for control of regions and the valuable resources they hold. The Shadow Forge remains active throughout "Twilight Tactics," ensuring a continuous cycle of minion creation.

Goals of the Shadow Forge

Laguna Games has structured the Shadow Forge release with specific goals in mind, catering to Shadowcorn holders' needs and desires. These objectives include:

Passive Gameplay: The Shadow Forge aims to offer a largely passive gaming experience for Shadowcorn holders.

Utility and Rewards: It seeks to increase the utility and reward potential of Shadowcorns, encouraging active participation.

Prestige Enhancement: The introduction of minions and crafting allows Shadowcorn holders to enhance their "Prestige."

Preparing for Twilight Tactics: Shadowcorn holders can build their armies in preparation for the forthcoming Twilight Tactics phase.

Shadowcorns' Actions in the Shadow Forge

Within the Shadow Forge, Shadowcorn holders can engage in various activities:

Leaderboard Participation: Players can compete for a place of honor on the leaderboard by crafting minions.

Resource Gathering: Husks and Ingredients can be obtained by staking Shadowcorns in the Shadow Forge.

Minion Crafting: Minions play a crucial role in the leaderboard and future Shadowcorn gameplay.

Shadow Forge Enhancement: The Shadow Forge itself can be upgraded for better bonuses.

Introduction of New Assets

The introduction of Shadow Forge gameplay brings several new assets into the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem:

Shadowcorn Items (ERC-1155): These include husks, ingredients, keys, and minions. All are tradeable and transferable among players.

Shadowcorn Rituals (ERC-721): These minted rituals can also be traded and transferred among players.

Dark Marks (Soft Currency): Dark Marks are used for upgrading the Shadow Forge and are distributed to participating Shadowcorn holders.

Leaderboard and Shadowcorn Earnings

The Shadow Forge Event features its own leaderboard, ranking players based on the number of minions crafted. Outside the leaderboard, Shadowcorn holders earn rewards from core-game shadowcorn attacks on various activities.

Projected rewards depend on a player's Prestige Share, reflecting their contribution to the Shadowcorn ecosystem.

Reward Timeline

Pending rewards will be distributed before each Twilight Tactics battle begins, with specific dates announced closer to the Twilight Tactics release.

Laguna Games has meticulously designed this system to ensure fairness and engagement. It's a strategic balance between passive rewards and active participation, promising an exhilarating experience for Shadowcorn holders.

The countdown to faction warfare is underway. Shadowcorns, are you ready to rise, build your Minion army, and seize glory? Prepare for the impending showdown in the Shadow Forge!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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