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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Oct 6, 2021

Journey to Godhood adds Dungeons and Wizard class

Journey to Godhood, the Discord-based play-to-earn game, adds dungeons and equipment for Mage characters.
Journey to Godhood adds Dungeons and Wizard class

The Discord-based fantasy adventure game Journey to Godhood now offers new content, including multiplayer dungeons and the option to play as a wizard. This adds a new stat to the game: intelligence, while wizards will probably be useful in the new 4-player dungeons that the team added to the game.

We wrote an article about Journey to Godhood not long ago. The Discord-based fantasy adventure game features play-to-earn mechanics and boasts an active governance token. We'll get to the Dungeons in a minute. But first I wanted to talk about the special Mage Pack sale. The sale is over, but you can still buy packs on the secondary market. These packs include new armor and weapons geared towards a magic-using build.

A new stat, Intelligence was added and other stats tweaked a bit. Players are divided into three groups based on their equipped weapon: melee, ranged, and magic. Melee's primary attribute strength, increases their damage and reduces incoming damage. Same with Agility for Ranged characters. But Magic is a little different. They don't get damage reduction or dodge bonuses. Their job is to dish out damage as fast as possible before their opponents can get in enough hits to win. There were 1000 Mage packs created, and no more will ever be sold, though, they can be purchased with dungeon loot.

Dungeons introduce the first cooperative player activity in Journey to Godhood. Players form teams of four players, and venture into the dungeon in search of experience and loot. Entering a dungeon requires a Key which costs 1250 GDT, and a character level of at least 15. Each additional Dungeon Key purchased after the first adds an additional 500 coins to the price. This price increase resets at 00:00 UTC.

How do dungeons work in Journey to Godhood

Dungeons in Journey to Godhood consist of a number of levels, with encounters in each room. After a couple of battles, players have the option of skipping directly to the Boss, or exploring the level further. This is great as it gives parties the option of gathering more experience if they are lower level, while stronger parties can make a quicker push to the deeper parts. Once a Boss is defeated, players move on to the next level. If any player leaves the group, or the entire party dies during an encounter, the dungeon run is over.

Exploring Dungeons requires Energy, but only 5 per room (15 for the Bosses). All players must have available Energy for the party to continue. Energy replenishes over time or through the use of Energy Potions.

Much like regular Adventuring, the combat is automatic. You simply press the fight button and then read the results. Dungeons provide an excellent source of experience (it seemed about double of what you would get from Adventuring with the same amount of Energy) and crafting components. Items drop on almost every encounter, often for the whole group.

However, coin is scarce. In fact, none at all according to my limited experience! In fact, with the cost of Keys and Energy Potions, it actually costs quite a bit of money to adventure in a dungeon! Obviously, players are hoping that the rewards will balance out the costs. But in regards to tokenomics, this is an excellent way to get players to spend their Godtokens. Additionally, players who are really into Dungeoneering can pay to have their stats permanently increased, but only when inside dungeons.

For those more interested in making money rather than spending it, each defeated Boss rewards a Dungeon Coin. Players can use these Coins to buy game packs, The packs will drop directly into your WAX wallet as NFTs. From there you can choose to sell, open, or simply hold. Starter packs cost 50 Dungeon Coins, while Mage packs require 150 coins.

What is Journey to Godhood

Journey to Godhood is a Discord based adventure game that syncs with the WAX blockchain. Players purchase equipment in the form of NFTs, and begin their epic journey to achieve fame, fortune, and power. Players gain experience, Godtokens (GODT), and sometimes crafting materials after winning an encounter. Though crafting is not yet implemented, players can still buy, sell, and trade crating resources on the in-game market. Godtokens can be used in-game for a variety of things, but they may also be exported to Alcor for exchange into WAX.

Alternatively, staking Godtokens in-game provides you with daily GOVT. Being one of the top 50 biggest owners of GOVT gives you access to a private Discord channel where you can discuss game design plans with the dev!

Players are limited to a certain number of daily fights based on the size of their tent. Journey to Godhood also has a very interesting feature called Full Idle Mode. This allows players to automate their character! The character will go on random adventures and choose whether to fight or flee. Full Idle characters are limited to three adventures per day and require at least a level 1 upgrade on their tent.

Players own all of the land in Journey to Godhood. Landowners receive daily income from adventuring players. Multi-accounting is specifically not allowed.

The game requires an initial investment for equipment, but after that you can play freely and cash out your coins at any time. You can read more in their official whitepaper.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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