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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 28, 2023

Join the Synergy Land Early Access Playtest

Join the Synergy Land Early Access Playtest

Synergy Land, a game that is part farming, part base building, part dungeon crawler, announces an upcoming early access playtest to start in October. And, best of all, this playtest is open to everyone!

That next early access playtest for Synergy Land starts in a couple of weeks. And, unlike many alphas and early game previews, the Synergy Land Early Access will be open to everyone! Slated to start on October 16th, this version will be on a testnet and have a number of new features.

For starters, players will be able to connect their wallets and play the game using their NFT pets and island. Players will also be able to build mines for harvesting new resources, and teleports for moving around their island more efficiently. And while waiting for crafts to finish, players can work on clearing roadblocks to gain access to new areas of the island, gather resources from debris, and work on quests to find hidden items!

This version of Synergy Land also includes repairing damaged buildings, daily rewards, a public farm to grow crops on, and daily rewards of in-game coins.

But all of this crafting and building is only part of the game. The Synergy Land team is still working on the game. In particular, the dungeon system where players can venture in to do combat with fierce monsters. Additionally, the game will feature Pet expeditions, a resource trading station, a forge for artifacts creation, and more!

Synergy Land Pets
pets, pets, and more pets!

What is Synergy Land?

Synergy Land sees players starting out as owners of their own private, floating island where a helpful merchant is ready to guide them through rebuilding the place and turning it into a thriving community. Players farm crops, place buildings, craft, feed their works, and all of that sort of town-building stuff. Synergy Land includes a wide variety of crops and craftable items. The interactions between the various crafting stations and farming grow increasingly complex as you move up the ladder of item crafting. Luckily, the game provides a continuous stream of quests to introduce new buildings and features.

But all of this is just a springboard for the real adventure, Diablo-style dungeon explorations! Complete with skill trees, equipment, bosses, and everything else you would expect. It does take a while to get there though, as players must slog through rebuilding their town first.

One interesting twist with the game is that Synergy Land plans to sell Boss NFTs. Players who own Boss NFTs can upgrade them and receive a payout every time their Boss defeats player characters! Synergy Land will also include Pets, a PvP arena, an in-game, player marketplace, and more!

Synergians are sort of the Genesis NFT for Synergy Land. They act as playable characters, provide ongoing benefits and game access and can be found on a number of third party marketplaces including Magic Eden.

To learn more about Synergy Land, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Synergy land screenshot
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