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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jun 7, 2022

Introducing SHRAPNEL, AAA FPS Game Minting on June 9

SHRAPNEL is an upcoming extraction FPS with a heavy focus on user generated content. The game is launching on Avalanche.
Introducing SHRAPNEL, AAA FPS Game Minting on June 9

SHRAPNEL is an upcoming extraction FPS with a heavy focus on user-generated content. The game is launching on Avalanche and will hold the first public mint on the 9th of June.

SHRAPNEL aims to be to gamers in their 30s now what Minecraft and Roblox were for the same players a decade ago. They want to be a one-stop gaming experience where everyone can thrive and build the experiences they want to play.

The whitelist allocation for the drop is around 60%. Other wallets can mint operator NFTs, representing three different roles in the game, on five different occasions. 2,000 operators will be minted in each phase, for a total of 10,000 minted NFTs. 

On the 9th of June, the first public mint will start. Then, additional mints will be hosted on the 16th, 23rd, 30th of June, and the 7th of July. 

Operators carry a comic book NFT with them, and will bring early adopters great benefits:

The mint price is set to 0.05ETH, a very affordable starting point for such an ambitious project. Future transactions will be held in SHRAP tokens, but the game’s coin is not live on any exchange yet.

Several big names in the crypto space, such as Ethlizards, are already partnering up with the team and plan on purchasing large amounts of NFTs to build interoperable utility for their collections.


In SHRAPNEL, players join the warzone as operators for one of the several teams and are entrusted with collecting and extracting valuable resources. Many other operators are competing for the map's resources, creating a frantic, high-stakes atmosphere that encourages risk-taking and rewards ability.

Before entering the battlefield, players equip their operators with the appropriate gear that suits their playstyle. Equipment (in the form of NFTs) is dropped when a player dies, requiring them to consider the continuously fluctuating odds of success in every decision they make.

Players can obtain the mysterious Compound Sigma in addition to the stuff dropped by operators slain in action. Players must fight their way to one of many contested extraction spots after gathering their loot, then survive long enough to escape and claim it as their own.

Successfully extracted loot (NFTs) is stored in the player's persistent inventory, which he or she can utilize to build loadouts in future sessions. Every decision becomes more important as the player pool diminishes and extractions become riskier.

A Creator-Run Game

The SHRAPNEL team is very clear on their intention to make the game a community-run experience. 

Players will be able to craft vanity items, mint them on the blockchain, and profit from their designs on the internal marketplace. 

Shrapnel operator

Additionally, all NFTs and coins earned in-game can be staked to vote on maps or proposals for the game governance.

Maps follow a race to the top process, where new maps will enter a contest and gradually get to a direct confrontation with other candidates after enough players stake their NFTs or tokens to vote on them.

Winning maps will be developed and integrated into the game. 

Regardless of which maps are chosen from the race, players will be able to craft custom experiences and build their own matches to profit from their talents.

The game will feature internal tournaments, great rewards for the most engaged users, and a marketplace with specific “visibility” settings, where players with more NFT stakes will get more visibility than newcomers.

Following a similar pattern to LBRY and HIVE, SHRAPNEL aims to reward content creators, curators, and advertisers alike by implementing a reward-based system to replace standard ads. In the future, the game might host custom skins in the form of advertisements.

SHRAPNEL Tokenomics

Tokenomics Distribution Shrapnel

SHRAPNEL will feature a single-token economy, with $SHRAP being the only coin available. With a total fixed supply of 3,000,000 and a 33% pledge to community rewards, the token will be used to transact in the marketplace, yield in-game rewards, and stake it to receive airdrops.

Airdrops might contain NFT, tokens, or other perks (eg. discord roles for players).

Additionally, $SHARP is going to be the token to reward validators in the network, once the game becomes fully decentralized and will require node validators in the ecosystem. To make it clearer, they will do something similar to what Splinterlands did with SPS validator nodes

The game, however, is still in its very early stages. According to the developers, it’s still in the pre-production phase. You can read the full white paper here and follow their Twitter, but don’t expect a real token to come out any time soon, especially due to the current market conditions. 

In Conclusion

SHRAPNEL has valid ideas and a great team of 30+ people coming from decades of experience in building FPS titles. They have all the right cards to build the first moddable, creator-run AAA game based on shooting and extraction mechanics, something quite unique for the genre.

We suggest taking a look at their public mint to see how successful that will be. The choice to keep running it in a bear market is brave, and we hope to see them succeed and take the game forward. After all, the GameFi space is still growing exponentially and attracts great investments monthly.

However, keep in mind giant AAA games require years to come out, and that investing in something so early-stage is always a risk. Real gameplay is planned for phases down the line only, while Phase 1 and 2 after the mint simply outline other tech stack related features, such as the marketplace or some early-stage content creation toolkits.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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