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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Aug 12, 2022

Introducing Kryxivia, the First Playable Blockchain MMORPG

Kryxivia is the first playable MMORPG game on the Binance Smart Chain. The game is set to become multichain and already partnered with Polygon.
Introducing Kryxivia, the First Playable Blockchain MMORPG

Kryxivia is the first playable MMORPG game on the Binance Smart Chain. The game is set to become multichain and already partnered with Polygon through their Gaming Studio. 

Kryxivia is currently in open alpha, and everyone can play the game from the main website. If you didn’t already, you may be asked to create an account with your MetaMask wallet and mint a free NFT.

There’s no particular technical requirement other than a modern Windows machine. In case you own a MacOS or Linux machine, you can still enjoy the full-featured gameplay in the browser.

Kryxivia Gameplay

In Kryxivia, players fight to conquer new weapons, skills, and spells. By fighting bosses, clearing out dungeons, and joining guilds, they increase their chances of getting a rare item that can then be used to face even stronger opponents.

The game resembles World Of Warcraft in its early stages, and the team surely took the old classic as inspiration for development. 

Gamers can already experience a great variety of mini-games, NPC quests, and dungeons. The game is better with friends, as some bosses might be too competitive for a solo play.

No experience level exists on a character, instead, the items that you equip help to determine the e-power of your character. 

Also, no class exists in Kryxivia (except for starter packs with cosmetics). Everyone starts with the same chances and same bases, and you create your own game-style by choosing the Kryxit you’re equipping to play as a DPS, heal, tank, etcetera.

To have spells and cast them, you will need Kryxit gems, which are the core of the lore of Kryxivia. You can find them in the Mine. By using them and setting them up into your items equipped on your inventory, you will unlock castable spells based on the Kryxit characteristics.

Kryxivia Assets

All items in the game are NFTs, which means Kryxivia is likely going to be one of the biggest NFT collections on any of the chains. 

Swords, helmets, skills, spells, mounts, and all the collateral items dropped by mobs and bosses will be exchangeable on the open market through in-game stores, a là “Metin 2”, and secondary markets.

Players will keep full control of their NFTs and will be able to upgrade their level, to improve the stats, and sell them at a higher price.

Kryxivia Tokenomics

kxa token kryxivia

Kryxivia has a duo-token economy, with both tokens already released and operating on the Binance Smart Chain. The team plans to release the contracts on multiple blockchains.

The first token is the $KXA coin which stands for Kryxivia coin. This token deployed on the is the base crypto-currency for on-chain payment and special packs such as starter packs, special NFT sell events, or exchanging for the in-game currency KXS which stands for Kryxit Shard.

kxs token kryxivia

You can also use the $KXA coin for buying and selling NFT properties (items, Kryxit, spells…) from the game into our online web marketplace using your Wallet (like  Metamask).

Kryxit Shard (KXS) is the in-game money. You can use it to trade items with NPCs and acquire new gear. You can win $KXS tokens in-game by farming, exchanging from NPCs, through some quests; by dungeons, and fighting rewards. 

Later on, you will have the possibility to stake into the Bank in-game to profit from staking rewards with a net APY per year which will have multiple in-game conditions to participate.

Wrapping Up Kryxivia

Kryxivia is partnering with several guilds and GameFi platforms offering them in-game exclusive villages, items and skins. In the future, they aim to become one of the best metaverses on the blockchain.

With an old-style look, a playable version already live, and a very fast development pace, Kryxivia has solid grounds to become a hit in the field.

In the future, Kryxivia aims to integrate with Proof of Stake blockchains, to meet their sustainability goals, and add more gameplay features like PvP, world fights, and even more unique dungeons.

You can follow the team’s progress and announcements on Twitter and on their Discord. They’re very active and the founders interact with the community quite often with AMAs and giveaways.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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