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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Mar 14, 2022

Introducing Apeiron, the God Simulation Game Featuring a Tri-Token Economy

Apeiron is the first Play and Earn (P&E) god-game on the blockchain. They recently raised $3 million dollars in their preseed valuation.
Introducing Apeiron, the God Simulation Game Featuring a Tri-Token Economy

Apeiron, from Foonie Mangus, is the first Play and Earn (P&E) god-game on the blockchain. They recently raised $3 million dollars in their preseed funding round. Apeiron features a tri-token economy and mixes RPG mechanics with ancient mythological settings.

Apeiron's players will take on the role of Godlings, newborn gods with the ability to harness the elements to perform miracles such as rain and fire to aid the Doods, in-game servants of the god, in addressing daily troubles and building their own civilization. 

Players may get NFTs through planets, stars, and relics, and planets can be "bred" together to generate new and unique planet NFTs.

The 1st Apeiron planet NFT presale is scheduled at the end of Q1 2022, with the game planned to launch in late 2022. The first 4,586 Planet NFTs generated will be the rarest Planets in the Apeiron metaverse.

CEO Frank Cheng has drawn a line between Apeiron and other play to earn games: 

We believe that at the end of the day, games should be enjoyable and NOT work. Money and work tends to take the enjoyment out of entertainment experiences. We are gamers at heart...and our focus is on creating games with great gameplay, friendly social dynamics, and epic moments. Earning is secondary in the equation and more like a bonus that rewards dedication, skill and teamwork.

God Simulation Hybrid

The gameplay looks like a good mixture between Black&White, a popular god-simulation game, and a roguelike RPG. The team already released a battle preview:

In their whitepaper, the team mentions three main gameplay mechanics:

  • Planet Simulation, where players will be in charge of planets with unique biomes;
  • World Exploration, where players can engage in the RPG component of the game after summoning the planetary avatar;
  • Galactic Progression, where players will be able to roam the Axis Mundi, the galaxy situated in the center of the metaverse. As they grow in power, they may consider moving beyond into other galaxies.

Players in Aiperon will have access to a full marketplace where they can sell all their assets and exchange NFTs and $ANIMA with other players. NFTs in the marketplace can be traded with $wETH.

If playing alone is not your style, joining alliances will get you more content and participation in massive events. Guild play will also be available, and you will be able to rent out your assets to scholars.

The game will feature intense and effective burning mechanics. For example, a planet will eventually exhaust its playability, and players will receive gems they can use to upgrade their character. Additionally, they can decide to initiate an “armageddon”, which will basically restore the planet.

Apeiron Tokenomics

In order to stabilize the value of the currencies and avoid hoarding from whales, the game will feature a tri-token economy, with $APRS (Apeiros) being the governance token.

The maximum supply for $APRS is 1,000,000,000. The team has a very long vesting period for the token assigned to developers (80 months) and advisors (25 months) to make sure they don’t destabilize the internal economy.

Anima ($ANIMA) serves as Apeiron’s internal tokens. The supply is not fixed and each token is minted when a player accomplishes certain tasks in-game. Only a certain amount of $ANIMA can be generated daily. The supply and demand of the token scale with the number of active users.

Singularity ($RINGU) acts as Apeiron’s premium Tokens for distribution in large-scale events, such as World Boss Fights or special content for alliances.

Players will be able to earn all tokens by engaging in the game’s content with their NFTs in a multitude of ways. Apeiron released an infographic to explain them, but details can be found in their whitepaper under “Tokenomics”.

Apieron will provide free to play seed planets each month for new players’ first entry into Apeiron on a subscription basis, which they may use as a base to begin their journey.

Apeiron and the $3 Million Preseed Round


Apeiron has a fully diluted valuation of $50 million and has attracted a number of strategic partners who are excited by the project. The game won the backing of Enzac Research and Skyvision Capital, veteran teams in the Web3 space offering in-depth experience and professional support to ensure Apeiron reaches and surpasses its potential.

Up-and-coming crypto gaming DAOs and gaming guilds from all over the world have partnered with the team, including YGGSEA and GuildFi from Southeast Asia and SnackclubGG from Latin America. These early adopters will pave the way for future funding rounds.

In the crypto sphere, Leo Ventures, IVC, and Trill Ventures are new crypto venture funds with passionate teams looking to build something lasting in the metaverse and who are thrilled to back Apeiron's grand vision for the long term.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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