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Anvi Saini
Anvi Saini
Jul 10, 2024

How to Get Rare and Powerful Guardians Fast with Idol Sacrifices

Guild of Guardians' latest update introduces Idol Sacrifices, allowing players to exchange Idols for rare and powerful Guardians, enhancing their gameplay and collection.
How to Get Rare and Powerful Guardians Fast with Idol Sacrifices

The much-anticipated Guild of Guardians event "Building Blocks" has officially begun, and it’s bringing a wave of new opportunities for players. Starting today, July 10th, 2024, players can also take part in the brand-new Idol Sacrifice feature, allowing them to enhance their collections with rare and powerful Guardians. This major update promises to shake up the game and provide fresh challenges and rewards for the community.

Guild of Guardians is a fun and exciting mobile RPG where you build and manage teams of heroes called Guardians. Each Guardian has unique skills and strengths. You use your team to go on adventures, fight enemies, and explore magical worlds. The game is easy to learn for new players but also offers lots of depth for those who enjoy strategy.

The Building Blocks Event Begins

The "Building Blocks" event started on July 9th at 04:00 UTC and will run until July 15th, 19:59 UTC. This event challenges players to showcase the strength of their Rare Guardians in a unique game mode. With specific rules requiring the use of Rare Guardians only, and bonuses for Founder and Umbrus Guardians, players must strategize carefully to climb the leaderboards.

Each player gets two free attempts per day to score as high as possible. The event features both solo and guild scoring, with the highest individual score being the one that counts towards the leaderboard. Results will be announced on July 15th at 20:00 UTC.

Rewards Galore: Introducing Idols

One of the key highlights of the event is the introduction of Idols as rewards. These Idols come in three varieties: Legendary, Epic, and Rare. To qualify for rewards, players must score at least 500 points in the event. Guilds and individual players will compete for a range of prizes based on their performance.

Owning an Idol allows you to participate in the Idol Sacrifice feature, where you can trade them for a chance to mint powerful and rare Guardians. This can give you a competitive edge in battles and events.

For guilds, the rewards are plentiful. The top guild will see all active members receiving two Legendary Idols. The second-place guild will get one Legendary and one Epic Idol for each member, while the third-place guild will receive one Legendary and one Rare Idol per member. Guilds ranking fourth will get two Epic Idols per member, and those in the fifth to tenth places will get two Rare Idols each. Guilds that place between eleventh and twenty-fifth will receive one Rare Idol per member.

On the solo leaderboard, the stakes are just as high. The top scorer will earn 153 Ascension Seals and five Legendary Idols. Those placing second through fourth will receive 152 Ascension Seals each, with second place getting four Legendary Idols, third place receiving three, and fourth place securing two. The tenth spot will reward players with 152 Ascension Seals, one Legendary Idol, and one Epic Idol. Even those who rank as low as 200th place will receive two Rare Idols, while the top 1,000 players will still walk away with a Rare Idol.

The Idol Sacrifice Feature

Starting today, the Idol Sacrifice feature goes live, offering players a unique opportunity to boost their collections. By sacrificing their Epic and Legendary Idols at the Altar, players can unlock the chance to mint Gen 1 and Founders Guardians. This feature adds a thrilling new dimension to the game, allowing for the creation of some of the rarest and most powerful Guardians.

Idols can be sacrificed at varying odds, depending on their rarity. Rare Idols offer a chance to mint Core, Founder, and Gen 1 Guardians, with higher odds for Epic and Legendary Guardians. Epic Idols have increased chances for minting Epic and Legendary Guardians, while Legendary Idols offer the highest odds for Legendary and rare Gen 1 Guardians.

Preparing for the Sacrifices

For those eager to participate, here’s how you can get started. Idols are NFTs that were distributed in past events, and some are available on third-party marketplaces. Participating in the "Building Blocks" event is another way to earn these coveted items. From today, existing Idol holders can begin their sacrifices, with Idols from the event being eligible as well.

The Founders Guardians available through this feature come from the Developer’s 10% promotion budget, making them incredibly exclusive. Since the launch of Guild of Guardians, only a fraction of the Founders reserve has been minted, highlighting the rarity and value of these items.

The "Building Blocks" event and the Idol Sacrifice feature mark an expansion in Guild of Guardians, providing players with new challenges and opportunities to enhance their collections. With valuable rewards up for grabs and the chance to mint rare Guardians, now is the perfect time to dive back into the game.

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