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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 28, 2022

Heroes of Mavia Roadmap Update

The Heroes of Mavia team recently made some announcements and updated the roadmap. Let's see what are the good and the bad news.
Heroes of Mavia Roadmap Update

Heroes of Mavia, the Clash of Clans of Web3, is the mobile strategy game everyone is waiting for. The game is still under development and recently the team made a big announcement. The roadmap has been updated and a lot of things are going to change.

Heroes of Mavia will have a lot of changes and, in the end, there is also some bad news. Mavia’s team has been growing in the last months and now counts new members whose backgrounds include Rovio, Supercell, EA, and Zynga. Skrice Studios, the company behind Heroes of Mavia, has now a fully experienced team working on the project.

Besides this, the team updated the back-end structure of Heroes of Mavia from “Asynchronous Server Validation” to “Synchronous Server Simulation”.

This might be a bit complicated for those who are not into IT, but it was a necessary upgrade to keep Heroes of Mavia free from malicious activity and cheaters.

Game assets were also upgraded. Two-dimensional assets were converted to three-dimensional real-time rendered assets. Units now look better, and they can move in 360 degrees, as opposed to the eight possible directions that we see in other games of the same genre.

The pathfinding systems were also improved

Mavians are now a bit smarter, both when attacking an enemy base and when defending players’ precious resources.  On top of this, skins can now be equipped on heroes, units and buildings.

Roadmap Updated and Beta delayed

It is time for the bad news. The roadmap was updated; therefore, the Global Launch of Heroes of Mavia was postponed to Q2 of 2023, giving landowners early access in Q1 of 2023.

However, with bad news also comes some good news. To compensate the Mavia community for the postponement of the Global Launch, the team will launch season 2 in Land Staking. 

In season 1, land stakers will be rewarded with an NFT Statue that boosts gold production, an in-game resource, as long as they soft-stake their land for 9 months.

In season 2, land stakers will be rewarded with $MAVIA if they keep their land plot soft-staked until TGE.

Those who have their land already soft-staked will not need to take any further action to receive those free $MAVIA tokens.


Heroes of Mavia is one of the most promising games on web3. It is very identical to Clash of Clans, a title in web2 that achieved great success. Besides that, there is a large advantage in being one of the first of a genre in this young industry of web3 gaming.

Personally, I am not upset about the postponement of the global launch. I prefer to wait a bit longer than wasting time on a broken game vulnerable to malicious activity. I also completely support rewarding landowners with $MAVIA. After all, we believed in the project when there was just some artwork to it.

What is Heroes of Mavia?

Heroes of Mavia is the first Clash of Clans-like game on web3. Players will have their base where they will build different types of buildings. These go from mines to get resources to military structures to defend the base and train units.

In this game, players will have to defend their bases and attack other players’ bases to steal their resources. Since this is a web3 game it will have two crypto tokens and an NFT collection.

$RUBY has an unlimited supply. Users can get it by playing the game, and it will be spent to upgrade NFTs. $MAVIA, on the other hand, is a capped token. Its main uses are governing and trading items on the game’s marketplace.

The game will also have NFTs. These exist in Heroes of Mavia in the form of heroes, which are super powerful units that can be used to defend your base or attack other players, buildings and statues. Land plots are also NFTs. These will give players a lot of benefits and in the early days of Mavia, they will be necessary to play the game.

If you want to know more about Heroes of Mavia check out the the video I made below.
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