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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 12, 2022

Hash Rush Beta Update and Video Review

Hash Rush just released a new beta with many new features. Let's see what's new and watch our video review of this NFT powered RTS game.
Hash Rush Beta Update and Video Review

Hash Rush, the first crypto real-time strategy game to exist, just released their closed beta with many new features.  Among these, we have aerial units, new NFT heroes, and a brand-new game mode called dungeon mode!

To join the closed beta players will need a Vorto key to access the game. Keys were airdropped to Hash Rush hero holders but can also be purchased on the game’s marketplace. 

This closed beta will become open to everyone on September 15th and will run until September 29th. If you manage to craft heroes, which are NFTs, you will be able to keep them permanently. 

What’s new?

The team behind Hash Rush surprised the community with the number of new features.

These include:

  • New Dungeon mode
  • Aerial units
  • New buildings
  • New NFT heroes
  • New way to command your units
  • New maps

This is quite a huge change to the game and it is now way closer to what the full game release is going to look like. Obviously, there are some glitches and it needs some polishing, but that’s completely acceptable considering that it is just the closed beta.

Video Review

Standard Mode

This is the typical ‘skirmish’ mode on every RTS, where players play against the computer for map dominance and resource gathering.

The first one to destroy the enemy base and army will win the match. To do this players will need to build buildings, gather resources, and train and upgrade an army.

Besides this, if players hold some NFT heroes, which are super powerful units, they can be used in the closed beta right away.

If players are successful and win the match they will be rewarded with loot like hero gear, to equip heroes and increase their stats, and materials. The latest can be used to craft hero tokens or gear. Hero tokens can then be used to craft new NFT heroes.

Dungeon Mode

This is the most recent mode that was only made available when the closed beta started. In this mode players are able to build a small army from an array of available units and upgrades. Players are given a limited amount of points and each unit will have a cost.  Unlike in standard mode where players can rebuild their army, in Dungeon Mode if the army is lost players will have to start all over again. If players defeat all the monsters and the final boss in the available time, then rewards will be given in the form of loot.


Hash Rush is moving in the right direction, and I believe that it has a lot of potential in the NFT Gaming space for a number of reasons.
Let’s start with the fact that Hash Rush is the Warcraft of Web3. NFT Heroes have different abilities, just like certain units that you can train at your base and you can equip them with gear. Just like in Warcraft. Then it’s the first RTS game with blockchain assets. Let’s also not forget that graphics already look amazing, and every unit is detailed.

Adding all these pros results in a project that has a high chance to become huge in this industry. I think the only thing missing is a highly competitive PvP mode with a leaderboard and rewards based on rank.

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