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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Aug 22, 2021

Green Rabbit Will Get Crafting Options

Green Rabbit will very soon introduce crafting of armor blueprints, while users have also secured their spot in the Fan Club.
Green Rabbit Will Get Crafting Options

Green Rabbit will very soon introduce crafting of armor blueprints, while users have also secured their spot in the Fan Club. They took a wallet snapshot on August 23rd to determine eligibility for the Fan Club, followed by the ability to craft greenprints starting on Monday.

Green Rabbit recently implemented their own staking system, allowing players to use special Flash Drive NFTs and stake their other Green Rabbit NFTs to earn Shellinium. Now, after an initial accumulation period, players have a chance to use that Shellinium.

First up, we have the fan club. They took a snapshot of the Shellinium distribution, and those who have enough automatically enter the club. So no additional purchases required. Anyone with 250,000 or more Shellinium in their wallet earns a Fan Badge NFT and other special bonuses.

With a total of seven ranks available, from the Common Fan to the 'Big Baller-Hodler', players have many options for acquiring these rewards. Those with the 100M tokens required for the top rank receive a unique perk -- the opportunity for a personal 10 minute AMA video with nVen0m, the founder of Green Rabbit!

Green Rabbit Greenprint Crafting

But many will find the Greenprint crafting even more exciting that the Fan Club! This feature goes live on August 24th. Greenprints are used to craft armor, which you can equip on your characters to aid them in the races. Crafting a Greenprint requires either a single 3D figure, or four components -- a lore tablet, a totem coin, a diorama, and an action figure. In addition, crafting costs a fee in Shellinium equal to the staking power of the items used in the Greenprint creation. Each player's first craft attempt in a 24 hour period for each rarity has a 100% chance of success. Any further attempts within that 24 hour period of the same rarity impose an additional Shellinium fee and also introduce the chance for a failure. Please read the official Greenpaper for the full details of how Greenprint crafting will work.

Upon a successful crafting attempt, the player will be given a Greenprint NFT. This will be used to craft armor pieces ina later update.

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is an upcoming game on the WAX blockchain that includes racing, crafting, and staking. Players race through a grueling, obstacle course known as Ultra-Anima. Equipped in Anima-Armor, racers seek to prove their worth in this contest. Winners receive prizes which could include the game currency Shellinium, NFTs, and resources.

Players stake NFTs to earn Shellinium, the official Green Rabbit token. With that Shellinium and various NFTs, players craft Greenprints and from those Greenprints, Anima-Armor. Armor comes in six components, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Pants and Helmet. You will need all six to complete an Anima-Armor suit. After that you can upgrade armor to obtain potential bonuses in the Ultra-Anima races.

Founded in April of 2021, Green Rabbit quickly built a strong following. Since then they have released and updated their Greenpaper (whitepaper), built a functioning, staking website, and completed a very successful pack sale. Maintaining a top spot in trading volume on AtomicHub since then. During their first NFT sale, they made $1,5 million by selling 12,000 packs and nearly 5,000 characters.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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