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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Mar 22, 2021

Gods Unchained Players Can Now Link With Immutable X

Gamers who are active in the trading card game Gods Unchained now have the ability to link their account to the Immutable X platform.
Gods Unchained Players Can Now Link With Immutable X

Gamers who are active in the trading card game Gods Unchained now have the ability to link their account to the Immutable X platform. As a result they will be among the first to have digital assets minted on the Ethereum layer-2 solution. The marketplace for Immutable X, and for Gods Unchained, will open soon after.

The procedure to link an Ethereum wallet containing Gods Unchained cards to Immutable X is quite straightforward. Gamers just go to the Manage Wallets page on, and login with their Gods Unchained account. After that they will see their linked Ethereum wallets. Then they need to click on "Link a wallet to X", which is followed by some signatures. There are no gas fees required to link an Ethereum wallet to Immutable X.

Immutable pro-Ethereum

Linking wallets to Immutable X is part of the first stage, which also includes minting Trial of the Gods cards. These cards will be the first cards that are tradeable on the yet to be released Gods Unchained marketplace. Minting Genesis cards, those are the cards that have been part of the game for more than a year already, will come in a later phase.

"We are pro-Ethereum, and pro-everyone on Ethereum. Immutable X scaling means that Ethereum is scaling, and that means that NFTs are scaling. We weren't interested in either switching to another blockchain or to a sidechain, because of Ethereum's established and growing network effects", Immutable wrote on Twitter. As a criticism to sidechains like Polygon, they write that 'corners are cut' and it's 'a waste of time' to 'invest so much in blockchain technology, only to resort to what amounts to a database'.

What is Immutable X?

The Ethereum blockchain can’t deal with too much traffic. When everybody is sending transactions, the price to do so shoots up. Even though this is nice for miners, it sucks for users. Layer-2 solution like 0xPolygon and Immutable X solve this by adding an extra layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable X uses a technology developed by Starkware, called zk-rollups. This technology allows zero-cost transactions and can serve up to 9 thousand transactions per second, compared to the handful Ethereum can do. In addition Immutable X allows users to mint ERC-721 tokens for free, all while tapping into the network security provided by Ethereum.

Immutable X will launch before the end of March 2021.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain stores all ownership of the cards, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players earn digital cards by playing the game. When they have two identical cards they’ll be able to mint these into one blockchain-based card. We call these cards non-fungible tokens, and the owners can trade, sell, or use them in the game itself.

Future game mechanics will allow users to create limited edition cards from older cards, making existing cards more rare. In addition Gods Unchained can be enjoyed free-to-play, while players are able to earn cards by being active players. True play-to-earn mechanics there!

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