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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 2, 2022

Gods Unchained Adds Casual Mode

Gods Unchained releases the long awaited and much needed casual mode, allowing players to match up and play without affecting their rank.
Gods Unchained Adds Casual Mode

At long last, Gods Unchained brings a matchmaking option for casual battles and players. With the introduction of a new casual mode, players now have an arena where they can easily test new decks, strategies, or just play around with a wacky, fun deck!

Before this release, players were able to make their own, casual matches via private match mode. But the process was kind of awkward and required finding an opponent on your own. But now, the much needed casual game mode has appeared! In the new casual mode, players can pick a deck, and easily queue up for matches that won't affect their official ranking.

Players can be matched against other players within two ranks of theirs. But, hopefully, casual mode will have more 'fun' decks and new strategies. In addition to providing a less stressful fun mode, casual matches should also ultimately result in better deck building in the more competitive ranked mode as players have more space to test out new deck ideas and different playstyles

Players don't earn the full set of rewards when playing Casual mode. But they still earn Flux, Stars, and player experience.

Gods Unchained Gameplay
Gods Unchained gameplay

Play and Earn with Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained offers a couple of ways for players a chance to earn by playing the game.

Just by playing a few matches, players can earn Flux (an in-game token), packs of Core cards, and GODS tokens on a daily basis. Win or lose, players gain experience points. Get enough experience points to gain a level, and you earn a pack of Core cards! Along the way you also earn Flux tokens. Combine multiple Core cards in the Forge, spending some Flux for the process, and create a Meteorite version of the card which is a blockchain NFT and can be sold in the markets.

Players also earn GODS tokens daily, based on the number of wins they get in the first 10 matches. All players share from the same pool of GODS tokens, which is weighted to provide more rewards to higher ranked players.

Gods Unchained card art
win treasures playing Gods Unchained!

In addition, every weekend, Gods Unchained hosts a mini-tournament. Players are ranked based on their success during the first 18 matches of each weekend, earning prizes, including packs from the latest expansion set. Players can even win Legendary packs!

Earning daily GODS tokens and participating in the weekend tournaments both require playing ranked matches. But players can still earn Flux and experience when playing Casual matches as well.

About Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play, collectible card game. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gods Unchained uses the Immutable X layer-2 solution for gas-free trading. The blockchain stores all ownership of the cards, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players earn digital ‘Core’ cards by playing the game. When a player has two identical Core cards, they can mint these into one blockchain-based card. That card is then tradeable on the Immutable X market for zero gas fees.

Gods Unchained features several play-to-earn mechanics. Players gain cards by being active players, win packs by competing in the weekend tournaments, and earn GODS tokens by playing daily.

With three card sets under its belt and a fourth in the balancing phase, Gods Unchained has a wide variety of cards for different playstyles. Gods Unchained currently sells packs for Mortal Judgment. Players can buy and open packs from the official site. Secondary sales are available on IMX and Token Trove.

For more information, read our Gods Unchained game guide and visit

earn Flux in the Gauntlet
earn Flux in the Gauntlet
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