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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 28, 2022

Genopets Updates Step Conversion Rates

Genopets plans to update their step conversion formula on October 3rd, making it much more advantageous to level up your Pet.
Genopets Updates Step Conversion Rates

Genopets prepares for a new update to their move to earn game. This one includes adjustments for the step to energy conversion formulas which will provide boostshigher level pets, and slow down the production of KI tokens and Crystals.

Genopets Crystals

In what seems to be a regular occurrence for web3 games that offer players a way to generate tokens, Genopets discovered that their player economy was unsustainable, and made some steps towards improving it. Since Genopets launched KI harvesting, players have been using their gathered steps to convert their Energy into KI tokens and Genotype Crystals with ease. Even relatively minimal walking with a level 1 Pet generates enough Energy for players to max out their KI token and Crystal production on a daily basis. And when you have that sort of unfettered resource generation, players end up dumping their goods on the market, depressing prices.

And so, Genopets made some economic adjustments. Most of this was directed towards the Steps to Energy conversion formula, but Genopets also plans to introduce a harvesting decay for Guild Habitats.These are not typical habitats, and were sold to Guilds directly. Well, it turned out that Guilds heavily focused on generating new KI tokens, and not so much on repairing their Habitats and engaging with the game economy. So now there will be a harvesting decay for Guild Habitats. Guild Habitats that aren't repaired on a daily basis start to receive a reduction in harvesting efficiency -- 25% reduction for each day that goes by without a repair.

But that only affects those specific Habitats. The part that affects everyone has to do with the Step to Energy conversion process.

Making Steps Less Efficient

convert those steps into Energy

Genopets brings us a update to their step efficiency curve. Basically, the step efficiency curve causes steps to have diminishing returns throughout the day. There is a complex formula involved, but in short, the more steps you take, the less energy you get from future steps. This didn't have quite the results the team wanted, so they made some adjustments to the formula.

Added to the formula is a variable called Step Efficiency Rating, which is partially based on the level of the Genopet. The higher level the Pet, the more efficient the Energy conversion. The calculations are done in such a way that at lower levels, players become essentially capped at a maximum number of steps. That doesn't mean that they can't take as many steps as they want. Instead, at some point, it will be nearly impossible to gain any extra energy from taking more steps that day. For level 1 Pets, this soft cap will be around 1,429 Energy, earned by walking 10,000 steps.

This step limitation resets every day. But the goal here is to encourage players to level up their pets. It also provides a significant advantage to owning a Genesis Genopet since they start at level 22. With the huge reduction in Energy generation, we should also see a corresponding decrease in the amount of tokens and Crystals being produced daily, which will help bolster the economy. This goes into effect on Monday, October 3rd, around 1am UTC.

Genopets plans to retroactively adjust player's Energy stash based on the new formulas. So, hoarding Energy is not a good plan. Be sure and spend your Energy before the 3rd!

What is Genopets?

Genopets Info banner
basics of Genopets

Genopets is a free-to-play, move to earn game built on the Solana blockchain. While using the Genopets app, players collect steps from walking. They convert those steps into energy, and then into KI tokens. KI tokens are the main currency in Genopets and used to craft Crystals, improve their Genopet, maintain habitats… pretty much any game feature.

Genopets features a number of NFTs, as well as the new style ‘SFTs’ for basic resources. The main NFTs are Genesis Genopets and Habitats. SFT Resources include Raw Crystals, Refined Crystals, Terraform Seeds, and other upcoming game additions such as Pet Augments.

Players can earn via cashing out their KI tokens, crafting and selling Crystals, or renting out Habitats. Habitats are the main gateway into play to earn. Each Habitat holds one Genopet. Habitats are needed to convert Energy into KI, and for all crafting. Players must maintain their Habitats or production stops.

Genopets includes two tokens, GENE and KI. GENE is the governance token, while KI is the main game currency. The game is currently in beta, and they send out new invitation codes on a weekly basis. Follow Genopets on Twitter and Discord for more information.

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