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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 11, 2022

Genopets Drops New App Version

Genopets brings us a new app version for both Android and iOS, along with a roadmap and sneak peek of upcoming features.
Genopets Drops New App Version

Genopets released a new version of their app for both Android and iOS devices this week. This update brings some improved functionality and graphics. In addition, the Genopets team provided us with a preview of some upcoming features and a roadmap for near term development.

Currently in an alpha phase, Genopets already lets players move and earn. Players accumulate steps while using the app, then bank those steps, changing them into energy, which then converts into KI tokens via a Habitat. Those KI tokens have many uses in the Genopets ecosystem, but they can also be traded for other currencies on the blockchain.

Genopets augmentation roadmap
Genopets roadmap

The Genopets team just released new versions of their app for both Android and iOS devices. The game doesn't feature an auto-updater, but if you visit the appropriate store page there should be an option to update. Along with some quality of life and graphics improvements, this build should fix an issue many Android users have seen, where their steps aren't always being counted. Pretty important for a move to earn app!

The new versions brings us new sounds and options for volume control. Habitat owners can also now choose to show their Habitat as the Genopets background. Set your Habitat as a background by clicking the 'Visible in Game' button on the Habitats management webpage. Other improvements include new animations when leveling up and evolving Pets.

Pet Items and Genopets Roadmap

In addition, we also received some details about future Pet features. The team previewed a number of pet related items, including food and toys. When the Pet Nurturing component is added to the game, players will need to keep their pets fed and happy . Feeding is done via Food items, while keeping your pet happy requires Petting them and playing with them. Sometimes, pets will even find items for you while you're out walking!

The team released a general roadmap for their near future plans for Genopets. Coming soon are recipes and item crafting item. Players will use Habitats to craft items like Reagents (for recipes), Cosmetic Crystals, and Pet Augmentations.

a few pet items in Genopets
a few pet items in Genopets

If you have an idea for an item that you think should be in Genopets, the team has put up an official form to submit your ideas.

What is Genopets?

Genopets Crafting infographic
crafting info

Genopets is a free-to-play, move to earn game built on the Solana blockchain. While using the Genopets app, players collect steps from walking. They convert those steps into energy, and then into KI tokens. KI tokens are the main currency in Genopets and used to craft Crystals, improve their Genopet, maintain habitats... pretty much any game feature.

Genopets features a number of NFTs, as well as the new style ‘SFTs’ for basic resources. The main NFTs are Genesis Genopets and Habitats. SFT Resources include Raw Crystals, Refined Crystals, Terraform Seeds, and other upcoming game additions such as Pet Augments.

Players can earn via cashing out their KI tokens, crafting and selling Crystals, or renting out Habitats. Habitats are the main gateway into play to earn. Each Habitat holds one Genopet. Habitats are needed to convert Energy into KI, and for all crafting. Players must maintain their Habitats or production stops.

Genopets includes two tokens, GENE and KI. GENE is the governance token, while KI is the main game currency. The game is currently in alpha, and they send out new invitation codes on a weekly basis. Follow Genopets on Twitter and Discord for more information.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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