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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
May 21, 2021

Gala Games Made $500,000 in 3 Minutes Selling Mirandus Avatars

Just 15 hours since Gala Games revealed the Mirandus Exemplars, elite avatars with in-game benefits, the first batch sold out in 3 minutes.
Gala Games Made $500,000 in 3 Minutes Selling Mirandus Avatars

Just 15 hours since Gala Games revealed the Mirandus Exemplars, elite avatars with in-game benefits, the first batch sold out within 3 minutes this Friday. Even though the full utility in-game for these avatars still needs to be clarified, the community literally aped into the sale.

Some lucky Gala Games node operators will receive these Mirandus avatars for free. Others could buy them from the Gala Store with a starting price of $200 up to $5,000. In total Gala Games sold for $500,000 worth of NFT avatars for Mirandus. In total users could buy six different Exemplars from five different races: humans, orcs, dwarves, halflings and elves.

A Human True Provider has benefits in farming and ranching, while the Human Riders of the North can travel bigger distances and have other horse-related skills. Both these Exemplars will sell for $200. However, there the orcs from the Beating Heart Clan are great hunters, while the dwarfs from the Deep Mountain Clan can see in the dark. These will both sell for $500. Furthermore there are the Longsong halflings, which are basically bards with a buff and a $1,250 price tag, and then there are the Everflow elves with a magic casting buff and a $5,000 price tag.

In terms of availability, each of the human avatars will have 250 copies during this sale. The orc and dwarf will have 200 copies, while the halfling only has 80 copies. The elves are the most rare, as Gala Games will only sell 20 copies during this sales round. Keep in mind, there will be more sales in events in the future against an increased price.

Gala Games didn't provide too much detail on the buffs and extras these avatars will get. However, it's safe to say that a $1,000 avatar should do more than just give +10% in traveling speed. The game company also stated that their avatars will be sold in multiple waves, and during each sales period the price will increase 25%. That would mean that the Elves will cost $16,250 during the final sale event.

What is Mirandus?

When Mirandus releases, it will give players a first-person perspective as they venture into the world. Everything in the game world is owned by players, communities or organizations, ranging from the in-game banks to the shops, farms and blacksmiths. There will be a thriving in-game economy, and everybody has their part of play. Mirandus is an open-world online role playing game in which player actions influence the game world.

Adventurers will need food, armor repairs and some potions before they go on their next adventure. The blacksmith will need wood from the woodcutter to make a hilt, while the butcher needs meat from the farmer. There are many production lines and players can enjoy being a farmer, an adventurer, a trader or perhaps a bard.

Having a keep or some other base close to a dungeon entrance, will provide all kinds of opportunities for trade. Players can buy land tiles with certain functionalities and drop these anywhere in the game world. Other players could open a shop in that village, and pay rent to the mayor. All ownership over digital assets inside Mirandus is stored on the blockchain. Currently Mirandus supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Flare Network.

When Mirandus launches there will be five citadels, the biggest cities in the game world. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade and so on. Owning a piece of land provides a safe haven for other players, and potentially a way to make money. However, also without land you can earn, as shops will need wood, meat, and other items.
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