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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 23, 2022

Gala Games Last Expedition Leaks and Operator Licences

Gala Games shared Last Expedition leaks that includes Map Blockout updates, character updates, environment, and Operator License Bundle.
Gala Games Last Expedition Leaks and Operator Licences

Gala Games has recently shared some insights and leaks about the upcoming game Last Expedition in a live stream. Last Expedition is a AAA first-person shooter (FPS) game where players fight against enemies in an alien world. The latest leaks are about Map Blockout updates, character updates, environment, and Operator License Bundle.

Map Blockout Update

As a part of the Map Blockout milestone, the developers have made significant updates to the structures in the game, the design of the encampment, environment. They have also refined game objects and combat encounters using new editor tools. In addition, graphics such as trees and foliage are given a realistic look.

The developers took a big leap forward, further refined the colonist structures, and began to finalize the design language of the encampment. They also completed the design of the Sulfur Pool area, which will be the focus of the environment art team in this Milestone.

Last Expedition Sulfer Pool Area Update

They refined the game objects and combat encounters utilizing new editor features. In this Milestone, they have also got some new editor tools online that allow them to create cells that break up the map into smaller chunks which will enable gameplay logic to work on them. The enemy encounters core object fragments in these cells, and the like are all spawned on these objects.

Characters Update

The developers also shared a look of the characters in the game. Under Milestone 3 – Character Update, the common character variant Alice was shown to the public. The next characters are Christian and Roger, an Alice legendary skin. 

Gala Games partnered with Terraform Studios to develop the in-game characters and revealed the first concepts of Levi and Seb characters.

Weapon Updates

The weapons in the game are also updated, including their textures and 3D models. The developers have updated the weapons they inherited from the Unreal Engine 4 version. In addition, they took the time to refine some of the weapons already in the game and tuned them by passing a texture material to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Weapons Update

Alice’s backpack has also received some graphic updates and utilities. They essentially did a cleanup pass and added new textures to take it up to the same level as everything else to make it as if they all belong together.

Alice Backpack

Core Combat Update

Here the developers have made changes to the player movement, harvesting weapons, equipment, and encounters.

The change in the player's movement includes the continuation of the slide to combine it with sprint and jump to pull off complex movement. This is vital for PVP combat and allows players to attack and avoid enemies during a firefight creatively.

Speed and boost portions of the slide are still a work in progress as developers try to balance what is fun for PVP while still keeping PVE encounters a challenge.

Minerals are now randomly distributed throughout the map and are shared between the team when harvested. In addition, players can now Harvest them from Nick's trees and fragments. Finally, NYX enables players to craft explosive weapons like the rocket launcher.

Core Combat Update

Enemies now drop Gaia, and players can use Gaia to create graph packs to heal themselves or their teammates. The assault rifle shotgun and mining laser received an updated materials pass to give them a better look in the new engine. Additional reload atoms have been updated in both first and third person.

A first pass of muzzle flashes and VFX has also been added, making for a better player experience when firing the weapons in combat. The bubble has also improved, and teammates can now boost its range and clarity.

Last Expedition Bubble Changes

Operator License Bundle

The Last Expedition Operators license was announced that would allow owners or operators to run their customized game servers. The bundle includes a Commemorative Node NFT associated with the Operator’s license and a new kind of NFT called Ancient Primal Ravager designed for an Operator’s custom server. 

Besides, you also receive exclusive early access codes to share with friends. The license costs $5000 and can be bought by visiting the official website. OP License Sale started on November 21 and ends on November 22, 2022, at 3 PM PT.

What is Last Expedition?

Last Expedition is a new AAA FPS blockchain game where players have to retrieve valuable alien artifacts on the hostile planet Aura. Players must use unique skills and strategies to find resources and win rewards in the game. In addition, you can own characters, weapons, and other items and use them to kill enemies. The game has been created by renowned development studio Certain Affinity led by Halo 2 veteran Max Hoberman. The first playtest of the game was held on July 15, 2022, and was open to only invited players and web3 streamers.

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