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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jul 11, 2024

From Wizards to Warriors - Forgotten Runiverse is Coming to Ronin Network

Fantasy MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse is moving to the Ronin Network. This brings one of the largest planned game areas in Web3 to Ronin, offering players a vast world with 36 regions to explore. Players can own land, craft items, and engage in PvP and PvE battles. The game will hold a Closed Beta Test and a public event this summer.
From Wizards to Warriors - Forgotten Runiverse is Coming to Ronin Network

Forgotten Runiverse, a fantasy MMORPG, is making a major move to the Ronin Network. This transition marks a notable shift as many Web3 games migrate to the platform. 

What is Forgotten Runiverse? 

Forgotten Runiverse is part of the "Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult" franchise. It includes various game titles, NFTs, comics, an animated series, and much more. The game itself, set to launch this summer, features a vast world of about 200km², which is twice the size of Paris. Players can expect an expansive world with 36 distinct regions to explore.

In this MMO, players can own land, collect resources, craft items, complete quests, and engage in PvP and PvE battles. The game's immersive world promises an exciting and engaging play.

What's in Store for Players?

The move to Ronin brings several benefits to Forgotten Runiverse players. The launch is planned for this summer, and users can look forward to owning and trading NFTs within the game. All assets will be available on the Mavis Market.

With that, Forgotten Runiverse will hold a 3-day Closed Beta Test starting July 31st. This is followed by a public gameplay event called "New Foundations." During this event, players can earn special rewards and craft unique NFT items exclusive to this build.

NFTs and Lore of the Game

Forgotten Runiverse is rich with lore and allows players to craft their own stories. Community members, known as Wizards, use powerful magic to help the world remember forgotten ideas called Runes. These Wizards can create stories, animations, and artwork that bring Runes to life. Players can mint their work on the blockchain, adding a unique and personal touch to the game.

Runiverse also comes with various NFT collections. These include the Genesis collection - Wizard's Cult and secondary collections like Warriors, Souls, and more. Each collection has its own in-game utilities and rewards. For instance, Wizards will have custom skins, in-game rewards, guild access, and exclusive map areas. These NFTs can be bought on the secondary market, allowing players to explore the Runiverse.

The Ronin Effect

Lately, the Ronin Network has been seeing a surge of Web3 games joining its platform. Lumiterra, Tribesters, Puffverse, and Ragnarok: Monster World are some of the recent ones. This is set to continue with the launch of Ronin Forge in June, an early access program for game studios to build on the platform. 

Runiverse's migration is part of this growing trend as developers search for networks with a strong community. It's safe to say that Ronin's efforts to build a robust gaming chain are paying off, attracting high-quality games and developers.

The Team Behind Forgotten Runiverse

Forgotten Runiverse is built by Bisonic, a team of AAA game industry OGs. They have worked on major titles like Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. The team has partnered with the founders of Wizard's Cult to bring this expansive MMORPG to life.

Bisonic's vision is to create a game that allows users to interact through shared experiences, storytelling, and adventure. Over the past three years, they have dedicated themselves to building a free to play game for mass adoption.

No doubt, Forgotten Runiverse's move to the Ronin Network is an exciting development. With its vast world, rich lore, and unique NFTs, the game promises to offer a lively experience. As more Web3 games migrate to Ronin, the network's ecosystem grows, paving the way for novel experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on Forgotten Runiverse and its launch this summer. Be sure to follow their socials for the latest news.

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