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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 30, 2022

Fractal Introduces NFT Metagame for their NFT Collection

Starting from September 28th, players can power up their Fractal NFTs by interacting with web3 games in the NFT Metagame.
Fractal Introduces NFT Metagame for their NFT Collection

Fractal NFT holders were a bit frustrated lately. At the beginning of the project, holders were given whitelist spots for various NFT mints on the platform, but as this perk was discontinued, holders were left with almost no utility for their NFTs. Starting from September 28th, players can power up their Fractal NFTs by interacting with web3 games in the Fractal ecosystem and get rewarded for it. They named the initiative "NFT Metagame".

Fractals are a collection of 100,000 unique NFTs and belong to 1 of 4 factions: tri, quad, penta or hexa. The faction dictates what shapes the fractal is constructed from and the color it emits. 

The tri faction is the largest, containing 70,000 fractals. The hexa faction is the smallest, containing only 1,000. The larger the faction, the rarer the single individual snowflake can be. 

Snowflakes vary in faction, power, name, purity, velocity, spin, and altitude. The most important attribute is “Power”. Each snowflake comes with an “OG Power” from 23 to 100.

Every NFT holder with a snowflake NFT in their Fractal Wallet can participate in the newly announced metagame. 

What is the Fractal NFT Metagame

In the Fractal NFT Metagame, Fractal NFT holders are competing for power. By engaging in Fractal through minting, trading, and most importantly, playing in tournaments, gamers can power up their Fractal NFTs. 

Fractal NFTs will slowly discharge the newly acquired power. The discharged power will be redistributed to other players to earn. The speed of discharge depends on the purity of your snowflake. The higher the purity, the slower the discharge.

Starting out, Fractal NFTs will be powered by a central pool of “power”. However, the pool will slowly drain out, and power will soon become a scarce and valuable asset. You will only be able to acquire power for your NFTs coming from the discharge of other players’ snowflakes.

The Fractal NFT Metagame aims to reward active users playing tournaments and participating in minting events. The most impactful activities are rewarded with more power. For example, playing a tournament yields 6x more power than transacting an NFT on the Fractal Marketplace.

The team made sure to cover all bases, and granted utility to the snowflakes. Many partners are starting to give out exclusive NFTs, private access to events, and power-ups to holders. 

Metagame Partners

According to Fractal, you will soon be able to login to these games with your Fractal Wallet and NFT to unlock exclusive in-game perks:

MetaOps: Fractal weapon charms in-game

BattleTabs: unique Fractal cosmetics effects

BR1: Fractal Metagame participants only tournament

Project Eluune: exclusive Fractal creatures & missions

Gamerplex: Fractal attack in-game.

In addition, Fractal will be hosting a weekly competition starting 10/5 to reward players who gained the most power. Top players will receive a mystery gaming NFT from a top web3 gaming project.

If you’re curious to learn more about the collection and where the metagame is leading to, make sure to watch the latest interview with Justin Kan, Fractal’s co-founder, alongside their product manager and lead developer.

What is Fractal

Fractal is an open NFT marketplace and launchpad for buying, discovering, and selling NFTs on the Solana ecosystem. It helps create an ecosystem where game companies list NFT drops and in-game assets as NFTs for players to buy. Players can search for NFTs, buy them, and resell too.

The Fractal Marketplace is positioning itself as the first primary marketplace for Solana gaming NFTs. The gaming developers make the gaming NFTs available before the entire game is launched. Games launched on Fractal launchpad include multi-mode games Tiny Colony, MetalCore, racing games Yaku, real-time strategy games House of Sparta, and MMORPGs Cinder and Nekoverse.

The main aim of Fractal is to create a marketplace dedicated to game-related NFTs and provide top-notch transparency and security through the blockchain. It also aims to reduce dependence on existing game marketplaces and pave the way to disrupt the current ecosystem.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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