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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 12, 2022

Fortitude Opens Second Alpha Playtest

Fortitude opens the second phase of their alpha playtest
Fortitude Opens Second Alpha Playtest

Fortitude, a multiplayer, base building, tower defense game is currently holding its second alpha playtest. Running through the end of November, this playtest gives players a chance to experience an early build of the game.

Fortitude opened their second alpha playtest phase on November 9th. Open until the 30th of November (2022), this second alpha includes a new feature, Clans!

Players can join a Clan and complete missions to earn points. A portion of the points earned go to the Clan King as taxes. And though the points aren't worth anything during the alpha, this is a preview of the play and earn side of Fortitude. At the moment, the Clan interface and options are limited. This will expand with future development.

The Fortitude alpha is free to play, though it does require a Gala Games account to install.

There isn't much in the way of directions for this game, but if you have any experience playing base building games then most of this should feel familiar.

a developed town in Fortitudea developed town in Fortitude

Fortitude Gameplay

Players begin the game with a basic base. From there they level up their buildings to harvest more resources, construct additional buildings, and train stronger troops. The basic resources for the game are Gold and Mana. These accumulate at a steady flow based on the number and level of the harvesting buildings in the town.

Also, players can only store a limited amount of resources dependent on the size of their Vault buildings. The building progression is pretty linear. Nothing can be upgraded until the Town Hall is level 2. And pushing the Town Hall to level two requires that you have a specific selection of buildings in your town. This trend tends to repeat with each succeeding level. Players can have multiple upgrades and new constructions in progress at the same time, limited only by the number of workers available.

Players have a little more leeway in building defenses with options for constructing walls, towers, and traps. Though those are also gated by the level of the player's Town Hall.

When attacking, players can choose when and where to place their troops on the town map, but combat is automatic after that. Attackers can steal Gold and Mana by attacking the Vaults, or they can just try to damage and destroy buildings. The more destruction, the greater the rewards. Any troops sent to attack are used up, whether victorious or not, which is an interesting mechanic.

The alpha playtest starts players off with a large supply of Blood Stones which are used to instantly complete buildings, skipping the timer (though you still need the resources).

What is Fortitude?

Fortitude is an in-development game by Gala Games that is fantasy, base building tower defense game. Sort of a combination of tower defense and Clash of Clans. Players construct their base, upgrade buildings, harvest resources, fend off attacks, and raid other bases. They must also build up defenses for their town and train soldiers and heroes to raid other villages for resources. Players queue up for PvP and are matched with someone of equal (or near) level. Players then duel each other with game resources as the prize. Fortitude will include Clan battles, where players team up with Clan members to fight a rival team. And likely one or more leaderboards as well.

The game will offer a free-to-play mode, but unless you own NFTs or are part of a Clan, you won’t earn tokens. Players can use their NFTs in-game as a way to skip the initial building costs. Players can also purchase Tower NFTs, but Fortitude recently held a burn event, destroying most of the extra supply, so these are somewhat limited.

Fortitude is currently in development with no announced release schedule.

Clan NFTs for FortitudeClan NFTs for Fortitude

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