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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jan 21, 2021

First Mirandus Bank Auctioned for More Than $39.000

Gala Games has sold the deeds to a bank in the upcoming virtual world of Mirandus for more than 39 thousand dollars.
First Mirandus Bank Auctioned for More Than $39.000

Gala Games has sold the deeds to a bank in the upcoming virtual world of Mirandus for more than 39 thousand dollars. The winning bid in the auction offered 30.1 ETH. Gala Games will auction four more banks in the coming days, while five others are likely to be governed by the community through one of more decentralized autonomous organizations.

Currently a second auction is underway. This time the auction takes place using GALA, the token that's part of the Gala Games ecosystem. The highest bid at this moment offers 20 million GALA, which equals 22.6 thousand dollars. This bid comes from the same person who bought the first bank.

In these banks players can store their collected items, because backpacks can only contain a limited amount. The existence of the Polyient Vault is the result of Polyient Games buying a citadel for 800 thousand dollars. In addition they signed an agreement to take care of the entire economical layer of Mirandus. The entire banking system and storage of NFTs will be taken care of by Polyient Games.

Gala Games expects to have an early version of Mirandus available by the end of the year. However, to see the massively multiplayer online game in its full glory we have to wait at least until 2022.

Mirandus hype growing

Interest in Mirandus has been increasing since Gala Games partnered with Polyient Games and sold their first citadel for 800 thousand dollars. Recently the cheapest deeds, those for the Homestead, sold out. Currently the cheapest settlements players can acquire, are the Outpost and the Farming Hamlet. The deeds to these settlement cost 0.497 ETH or approximately 500 dollars. In addition Potion Shops sold out in just four minutes.

However, it’s also good to temper hype a little bit. Gala Games hasn’t provided any gameplay footage yet. The first playable version of Mirandus will arrive by the end of this year, and that will probably be a very limited test version. We expect Mirandus to reach its fruition not earlier than 2022, as Gala Games still has a lot of work to do on creating gameplay and implementing economical layers for landowners and adventurers alike.

Owning land means making money

Having a keep or some other base close to a dungeon entrance, will provide all kinds of opportunities for trade. Players can buy land tiles with certain functionalities and drop these anywhere in the game world. Other players could open a shop in that village, and pay rent to the mayor. All ownership over digital assets inside Mirandus is stored on the Gala blockchain.

When Mirandus launches there will be five citadels. These give the owner the right to create and lead their own faction, charge taxes on trade and so on. Owning a piece of land provides a safe haven for other players, and potentially a way to make money. Together with the developers the owners of these citadels can design their own layout for their city.

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